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PK contest

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I'm wanting to get a PK contest started, I figured with the lack of PK come the lack of interest to go inside of and get slaughtered, so hear this.


There will be several brackets, set up, each bracket will be depending on your levels or choice. The pro bracket needs to take over OWN!'S fort in full gear and kick all of the members out leaving your team only inside. (Better be quick - short walk from underworld). Once a contest official declares a win, the winning team will receive a prize. Only restriction in this contest is brod and alike.


The almost pro bracket, own! Members will be in less than dragon armors, no holams, and allowed wearing cotu. We won't use any special weapons and we CANNOT SUMMON.

Same rules, take over fort, no brods.


And as for the "pros to be" bracket,

Own! Members aren't allowed great weapons and must wear augmented leather armors or less, no summons and no specialized weapons.




Now this contest isn't set in stone, still need to gather prizes, and ideas on how we can improve and make the contest better/happen. So what do you all think?

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If I am to go lose Rosto, I have to hit the shop and get another bag of them, I hope this won't happen for a couple more weeks, but yeah, I'm in, if there are indeed "Bracket's for different A/D levels". I'm just a peaceful harvester with a death-wish...so yeah, sounds good to me !
~ Tokie ~
of the Poundin' You ( #nU ) Guild.

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I think I'd prefer a contest where the odds are all within the same time frame. Such as how Wizzy's PK contest went to my understanding... Then have ranges within those. Easily done. I don't know if anyone is willing to do this, but while farming as a wee little nublet imagine the tokens!


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