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Not a dispute, just a warning

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Just a quick warning, Frost from Nano and his apparent alts Octopops of Yarr and Talixim stalk the tailoring school in Glac and bj. Be careful if you're muling there. Frost logs in and out while invisible to see if anyone is working there. The others come when he manages to get the bag, and they help him haul out the contents while he bag sits and trades them.



D34DLY: gonna poof it?

Frost: offer for bag?
D34DLY: you've been stealing them for days
Frost: lies
D34DLY: don't you think you have your reward?
D34DLY: i've been watching you every schools day
Frost: k poofing
D34DLY: haven't said a word
D34DLY: poof it, idgaf
D34DLY: what do you want for the bag?
Frost: 1296*2.5 = 3240 gc + 864*3 = 2592 + 4320*2 = 8640 + 3456*80 = 276480gc + 119*60 (Although you won't need it anymore) = 7140. 15 keys*150 = 2250
Frost: So total would be say 300k~ saves you muling etc..
D34DLY: nah


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