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Handling 1 Sided Objects

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I'm pretty sure I already know the answer to this one but what the hell...


Is there any way to grab a 1 sided obj facing down?

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Eh... hmmmm.... ignoring that a moderator is treating a support forum like unoff...




Never had to do that in all the map edits I've done, but there is a trick way to do it by temporarily replacing the .e3d file for the one-sided object with one that isn't. (No, there's no way to handle it in the editor directly.)




Trick: If you know the name of the object (ex: wall1.e3d)... if not, try adding another of the exact same object, it'll show the name in the bottom details.


It's important to do every step, esp. if your setup is the same you're using for the game.


(Replace "wall1.e3d" in instructions below to the file name of the object you can't connect to.)

1) Close the editor.

2) Go to /3dobjects/ directory in your installation directory.

3) If it's wall1.e3d for example, rename that file to "GOODwall1.e3d"

4) COPY another file, such as wolframite1.e3d, that you know isn't one-sided. Paste it with the name wall1.e3d.

5) Open your editor, and the map. There should now be (in this example) a piece of wolframite. Delete that and save the map.


6) Close the editor. Delete the wall1.e3d file, and rename the "GOODwall1.e3d" file back to "wall1.e3d"


It's a hack, but it's tested and works.

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Ah. I had not thought of renaming files (fail, as I do that all the time with custom clothes ^^; ) but i ended up doing the same by using the replace tool. Still this might come in handy as I just noticed the replace doesn't quite work as I thought it would in regards to orientation (although... there's no reason why the axis coords or whatever should be handled differently... mmm...). *runs off to experiment*


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