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Maybe EL world needs to change more per release

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Burn and others did a bang up job on adding new places like the new schools in Melanis, the arena and new caverns in Irin and the new ranging arena in Irsis but maybe the EL world needs to evolve along with storyline more without ruining it for new characters. Not exactly sure what the mountain in DP adds though.


As example MM i am sure at one point seemed dangerous to characters but with all the traffic MM should start to build up with maybe new building replacing the ruins, maybe even open buildings (not hampering those who are hellspawn) including an open air tavern like in TG magic school gardens which is never used. Bridge construction could be worked on in Arius with players being able to volunteer on work crews with some engineering experience given. Players could donate materials to projects of interest and when enough labor/materials donated changes will be made on next practical map release.


When I came in 2010 the world was basically created; some new npcs were added, new items, etc but I never got to go a map opening.


Maybe even Mayor Kalana be put on trial for corruption and her nemesis rabbits left alone. :D

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Prepare for long-windedness, hehe.



Not exactly sure what the mountain in DP adds though.


It adds a mistake that shouldn't have been there. If there's another client release, I've already removed it for that release. (Basically put, there was an emerald of the harvestable type buried in the mountain pieces west of the CC entrance there. I had to move a load of mountain pieces to find and delete that, but somehow missed putting that one mountain piece back where it belonged.)



Map updates require a client update. Another client update is dependent on the client itself getting enough changes to it to warrant a new release, not just maps. While bluap is still actively making occasional tweaks and minor additions to the client, there's not much that can be done at this point in the way of major changes that radu would deem update-worthy. The client is pretty much as solid as it can get without a complete rebuild for full 3d (which there's been multiple attempts at, all abandoned by the people doing them).


So honestly, I wouldn't expect an update for quite a long time. One thing I've discussed with bluap is the possibility to have auto-updates finally put in place that can update maps and possibly images/creatures and so on, so content could continue to be updated and not have to rely on new client releases. Then content changes could be done with any normally-monthly server update. If bluap, radu, and I can determine a best way to do that without causing new issues, regular content changes could be done and not be dependent on unrelated client changes being done.






As for content change suggestions above...


1) The Arius bridge thing... I'm not fully understanding, but sounds like a lot of coding on the server end (radu), but the part of "next practical map release" is troublesome, as I just explained about the map updates being tied to client updates.


2) As for maps "changing", I'm not at liberty to give details, but I (with Acelon's approval and/or at his suggestion) have started some major changes on one map, and a massive overhaul of a second that will completely change the way it gets used (or in its current state only used for certain reasons).


The latter in particular is to a point where the map will only be barely recognizable compared to its current state, with drastic changes and new insides as well. I think players will find this change quite interesting and even game-changing for some player types.


Those two maps alone are a ton of work. A few changes are planned for other maps as well, and as well I've started both a major new cave with a new (albeit limited) use, and what would certainly be the single most-ultimate secret location in the game. ;-) That's just part of what's on my plans list.


Acelon had plans for what would mean a few entirely new maps, but as I haven't heard from him in almost 6 months now I don't know if he's actually done any work on that... probably not. I only have a few basic details on what he planned, not enough to build them myself so that's not an option at this time. I have no clue what he intended those maps to be useful for.


I also have an idea that would add one small map (including internals for it) but I can't put promises on it, need to discuss it further with Ace and possibly even radu.



3) I seriously doubt* something like MM changing could be approved, especially considering that map in particularly is heavily "hardcoded" so to speak into all the various NPC static texts and as well the possibility of breaking quests is huge. The maps I'm already changing have limited NPC context and quests that I can easily work around without changing either of those things.


Some minor adjusting to MM (and WVF, and KJ) are being done to try and reduce some of the lag and possibly upgrade to take into account ranging that none of the maps were originally designed for, but those changes will only be slightly noticeable by players.


4) I do have plans to open a few buildings that currently can't be entered, however that is very low on the to-do list as it won't add much to the game compared to what's already planned. Which ones will depend mostly on factors such as:
- Place to AFK? (are there other nearby safe buildings to afk in? I made the hut near the northwest teleport pad in Idaloran enterable with the last update primarily for that reason as there's no other safe spots to afk there.)

- Is there room on the internal maps? (Opening the buildings near the C1 ranging arena would be easily doable as there's a lot of free space on its internal map. Portland on the other hand has little space to do that.)

- Are there already too many enterable buildings nearby? (Again with Portland as an example, the locked buildings are close enough to unlocked ones that already never get used... these would be the lowest of the low priority.)

- And finally, the difficulty in coming up with a unique design for the building. Some kind of "story" for its use.



5) While not mentioned here, I'll say it now because it's an "official decision" stated by Acelon himself... there will be no C3. Ace had a C3 planned from years back, but back then there was a much, much larger player base and as well a team of map developers. With the current player base even the most active maps are not heavily populated, so spreading out the low population even more with what would have been (I believe) 15 new maps isn't palatable for him, radu, or even myself. Esp. since I'd probably have to do most of the work, hehe.


Ideas he had for C3 are now a "bucket of ideas" for improving the current two continents.


The aforementioned few new maps Ace had plans for were a result of the decision to not make a third continent... expanding the current locales for new content where possible instead.


The only way this decision about C3 would change is a sudden drastic increase in active players.






(*Disclaimer: Acelon and Roja are the "keepers of the story context" so to speak, so I can't personally make any non-bug changes without their approval. Anything I state as my opinion concerning map changes is not a final decision, only an educated guess based on my work with them in making the last map updates. They are quite strict on ensuring the maps stay within the story context, with good reason.)

Edited by Burn

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