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Scammed Asclepius char issue.

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Hello everyone,


I am going to tell you a story about the Asclepius char, just to clear things out and make sure, you all know the truth.

So, sit back, relax and get yourself a snack :)

It all started back in August 2015.


But first, let me introduce you 2 main characters of this story:

- Caduceus- The most loved player in EL back then. He was so polite and kind, he basically helped every person whom reached out for his help. Really nice guy, liked by 99% of EL players.


-Multani- Really nice guy back then as well.


+ Cad and Mult were really good friends and guildies.- they key point.



And here we go---> It all started, when Cad and Mult were doing WTF instance, 2 man. They were running out of time and so Cad wanted to finish it, so he basically gave his password of Asclepius char ( former Lelugo char ) to Multani. And guess what happened? Yes, he changed the password and never gave the pass back to it's rightfull owner.

And this was the time, when THE PLAN has begun.


Caduceus was one of my best friends back then, so I gave him my promise to get that character back at any cost.
We have failed many times, but we had to continue and never give up.

The key plan popped up to my head like 2 months ago, maybe at the beginning of November.
The plan was- Hey Cad, let's pretend that I bought a Mufossa character and then, after some time, I'll offer it to Asclepius.
The plan was awesome in my opinion. So I started to work on it.

1) I had to build up Asclepius's trust so he trusts me enough.

2) I had to infiltrate to his "family circle" in EL and join his closest friends. ( I did really make some legit and true friends from them, which are my friends even now )
3) Be patient and never give up.

4) Log on for the most of the day, and talk to Asclepius and show him how pr0 the Mufossa char is, so he wants it after all.
5) Do invasions with him all the time and help him out.

6) More and more things I had to do, can't even write them all.

So basically, I was building up his trust, helping him a lot, sharing the drops with him , talking to him and continiously getting closer and closer to him.

Then, I also had to rename the Mufo char to Lazyness, so people trust me, that I actually bought the char. Otherwise, if we'd do anything suspicious, he'd be very paranoid and wouldn't want to do the trade.
I would like to apologyze to every person, who asked me how much I paid for Mufossa, I kept telling them, that I got a good deal :) So sorry, didn;t mean to lie to you guys.
And after me playing Mufossa char for like 3 weeks, I pmed Asclepius. Said something like " Hey, would you like to trade our characters? I would trade you Mufo for Asclepius + some alts of yours and some gc".
And that was the time when the SEED HAS BEEN PLANTED.

The temptation to PM him and ask him if he wants to do it was horribly high, but I couldn't make myself look suspicious and greedy. So I was just waiting for his temptation to come up to play.
And then, 23th of December, 2015 in the evening....He finally pmed me, asking me, if I want to trade the chars! I said yes, but let's do it tomorrow.


We're getting to the end, so be careful, things will make more sense to you now! :)

On 24th of December, he pmed me, asking me if we can do it, I said yes- pick up your middleman. So he pmed that person, asking if he can do it for us. But the person was AFK.
So I pmed him back after like hour asking him, if our middleman is ready, the middleman wasn't.
So I basically told him " Hey man, if you trust me enough, you can give me the passwords+ gc and then you can have Mufo char, it can speed things out ".
I also told him that I am leaving soon and won't be on for other day or so.

So basically he got greedy and said yes, let's do it.


So he gave me 2 of his alts, TaliXim and Chunmyung + 2M gc upfront. Then he also gave me the password of Asclepius.

I logged onto that char and changed the password.

Then I pmed him " And now, I am really sorry to tell you this :/ But, I'm giving the pass and char back to the rightful owner. Really sorry, but this is for the best ", and I went offline.

But, I didn't keep his 2 alts, I didn't change the passwords+ I gave those 2Mgc back to him. What I did is, I only took the char he stole and gave it back to it's real owner.

End of story, this is how it all went down.



What made me to write this topic was, that people thought it happened from day to day. No, it was a longterm plan, which had to be good enough. Plus I wanted to tell the truth so you guys don't have to jump to conclusions and make your own stories.

After all, I would like to apologyze to Multani- Man, what you did was wrong, and I had to do the right thing, and keep my promise I gave to Cad. You were a nice guy, but this was a bullshit you made, and you had to pay for it. What comes around, goes around. And as you said, you gor ruled. You had it coming though. Once again, sorry, my honest sorry.

And to Cad- Man, I completed my promise, so I hope, you'll move on from now on :)

I don't know if what I did you guys will like or not. But, I think I did the best what I could do and set up the justice. So you might love me or hate me, it's up to you. And I would like to know, what you guys think about whole this, just let me know in the comments below. You may be the judge!

Have a nice day, that's all...




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I think what you did was commendable Stouxy, well done! Those who live by the sword die by the sword, and Multanex/Multani/whatever pondscum name he intends to go by now has got his just desserts.


I understand he has rage quit, hopefully it will stay that way


So, well done Stouxy, and I hope Cad comes back to play again on the Asclepius character (and perhaps may also get the name unlocked now if he ever wants to sell it or change that particular name)

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Good work, stouxy. That multani deserved that for robbing a friend. :icon13:


I hope he doesn't play EL never. EL would be better without him and his henchmen.

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Good job bro . its great that a plan which has been months in the making has finally been pulled off .


Very happy for Cad as well , We all ways told him everyone would try to get it back and he never thought he would , worked out great .


Karma is a bitch sometimes lol


But the good people will all ways win no matter what happens .

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