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PR19 Add skill experience related operators to #calc

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I made a patch to do nifty math things related to your skill levels and exp. E for total exp in a skill, N for exp to next level, Z for the last exp event. Use the operator and the (localized) skill shortname (all one token) to calculate all sorts of cool things. I also threw in Q as a sort of reverse L to do exp to level calculations. This is a lot more convenient and less error prone than manually typing in the exp numbers from the stats window and the HUD hovers.



How many more mixes to next manufacturing level:

#calc nman/zman

How many more mixes to alchemy level 80:

#calc (l80-ealc)/zalc

Expected level after crafting 10k of something:

#calc q(ecra+10k*zcra)

Hours to next harvest level:

#calc nhar/(120*zhar)

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Hi, nice patch. I presume people would support committing this to the client? I would be be happy to action the pull request but you may want to check my comment on github regarding some compiler warnings first.

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Thanks for catching that. I had switched to using the localized shortnames at the last minute and should have checked more thoroughly than just "it still works". I've updated the patch on github with the necessary casting.

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