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s2e for hydro

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It is probably quite easy for people to tAke advantage of the game mechanics of EL.

EL was built as a one player, one character, play in a team game, as a result most of el isnt set up for multi alt players with nothing better to do than block resources. One of each Dragon, the antisocial perk, one single hydro deposit.

I have nothing against stivy, I dont know him and dont care tbh.

The mechanics of EL would have to change for anything to be diferent, sure you could add another RD or another hydro deposit but with no rule 5 and char and gc buying legal, if stivy or whoever has really nothing better to do whats to stop them from camping them too?

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I wonder if you guys even fathom how much free nexus stivy has gotten via thousands of s2e drops from players. Not to mention misc armors and whatever else. The people who die to him and drop rostos is just an amusement for him. Perhaps actually an annoyance, who knows.

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Just been adding up s2es from http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=59552 for his first post was 289

and for the second part was 1422 s2es ... and there anyone says hydro running is dead :D


The latter was within 2 months, thats an average of 23.7 s2es a day he gets/got. So almost 3 hydro nexus in 2 months.

I have to agree with Patriot there, that adding on top the armor drops its a very profitable business he is doing there.


@ stivy any recent updates?


EDIT: I just noticed the update is only about 2 months. So the s2es drops are across 9 months.

So average of 5.26 s2es a day and almost 3 hydro nexus within 9 months.

This ofc makes that business not thaat profitable ...

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