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don't trust "to whom it may concern"

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Ladies, may I have your attention please ? Thank you...
This is what we have to deal with because you refuse to believe that YOUR Little "Eric Cartman" would do no evil, and that you refuse to bust His little @$$ for being such a meanie to Kyle and His other friends. Hey JerrySein, name change to Eric_Cartman and let your true colors shine !
~ Tokie ~
Here's one for you, Jerry. https://youtu.be/Hqj3tSVsWO4

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and this will be for me now the end of the story: he gave me back a part of my stuff . He promised me that he never wanted to scam and that it was just a big miisunderstanding. Perhaps I ruined your EL live, but as I am responsible for my guilds reputation I could not have done anything else then to post my doubts. I tried first to speak with you but you didn't answer. I feel sorry for your rl and el problems but I do not think that I did anything wrong. Paying back all the stuff is a good step to get back your reputation and that is what you did.


lol I just wanted to post some friendly words but when I logged in EL I again got a very unfriendly mercator pm from him.

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Veritas and malaki were the only one who had some BALLS to admit they were wrong.(and veritas,this post didn;t change anything,didn't made me pay back my debt,cuz even now after i payed back,like i did WITH ALL THE GC THAT BRUSU lend me my reputation it's still bad,i still can't sell almost anything on mk channel,and Brusu ruined this for me,and she can't/won't be able to fix it)

Read my post again please, I retacted only the sentence that you stole from others, since you paid back. and the word scammer, (for this case)


I also said, the statemetns made by the others and me where valid at the time because of your behaviour, that matches behaviours of people trying to scam in the past, and one needs to act on that.


Furthermore i said you can gain your reputation back. But i must say in the way YOU did it lately it will be harder. Your posts here are not helping. They look like someone angry slashing out at all sites. Get over that anger, admit that the situation was also not well handled on your side, play fair, and it will in time come back. There are a lot of players in game who managed that way getting from Scammers, to accepted even trusted players.


one more thing, if you know or suspect people to have you on ignore, it might be considered harrassment to go on different alts to talk to them, It depend of course on the content of what you say. but just consider this. Its not helping your case.

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happy new year for you all!


started with a surprise I got all my stuff back. Someone brought me the gold with regards from Grimbrother.

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