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Zombie Invasion

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Recently talking with Solarstar about the Shadow Warrior idea came up with a slightly different one.


Zombie Invasions!


What if we took some of the old banned or retired accounts in game and re-purposed them into zombies. They could have random armor or weapons based on what might have been in the characters storage and/or what they have nexus to wear. They could be released as bot type invasion on a map once killed they are gone till next invasion.


Code for generic attack bot is available as we have pk bots and the ants so would just have to be modified for this purpose. Might have to be a pk map not sure unless you just take that batch of players and mark them as a creature some how.


Could be some higher level accounts with higher difficultly programming, kind of like a Boss Zombie for the invasions with more healing options randomized at beginning of invasion.


Dunno about drops or heals or anything just might be fun to play against player type monsters.


Oh in-game description: Selain decided to play with summoning creatures of a more dangerous sort.

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So have long ago high lvl players roaming pk maps if you could incorporate bombing summoning stones and magic into the bot combat algorithm coupled with a decent pk esq drop would br quite fun

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