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Sound trouble on a Fedora Linux system after the client update

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It does not seem to matter what I put in the box for the sound device or if I leave it blank.

I get one of these two messages.


[23:00:49, sound.c:4280] Error: alcOpenDevice(): Error initializing sound: ALC_NO_ERROR
[23:01:01, sound.c:4258] Warning: ALC_ENUMERATION_EXT not found. Retrieving list of sound devices may fail.

Name : openal-soft
Arch : x86_64
Version : 1.16.0
Release : 4.fc21

I have alsa, pulseaudio and gstreamer installed. There is no "alsa" command (it has something after "alsa") and there is no /dev/snd/dsp or /dev/snd/*/dsp.


Anyone else having problems or know how I could get this working?

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There is a known problem with pulseaudio and the static build (the one from the EL download page) on a number of linux distributions.

I understand that a patch has been found and will be released soonish.


In the mean time, if you use the binary from the official download, you can try to build a client from GIT (works fine for me on opensuse so far).

I don't know if there are any Fedora RPMs available.

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The best experience will be if you build your own client. However, for the static client you need to prefix the command with padsp which is in the pulseaudio-utils on Ubuntu at least. If that does work, you will then get the pulse audio related crash, if sound/music is enabled, when using F2 to open a web page. The fix revi mentioned is a work-around for that crash.

padsp ./el.x86_64.linux.bin
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I had problems with this yesterday, fixed it by downloading the source with git and rebuilding.

It gave this error on startup in the chat log:


alcOpenDevice(): Error initializing sound: ALC_INVALID_DEVICE


also this message showed in the terminal if I ran it from the command-line (repeated twice)


open /dev/[sound/]dsp: No such file or directory


I assumed it was due to me using Slackware, which doesn't have pulse at all, but looks like I assumed wrong.


Other than that, it all worked beautifully. A huge thanks to the team for all your hard work :)

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Just simply downloading the new executable file was not sufficient. It still crashed.


I managed to get the code from GIT and compiled it. After copying the folders from my script installed copy, I had a working compiled version of EL.

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http://twinmoons.org.uk/el/rel/194/There is a link there to the data files, for anyone else that goes to compile the client.

nathanstenzel, please could you tell me how it crashed? Was this the new installer or one of the new binaries?

I simply downloaded one of the binaries from you post about the fix where the client shuts down the sound before loading the page and starts the sound back up immediately after. I then copied it into the folder to replace the old executable. It was not sufficient though. I was still using padsp before the client call. I can't give any further information. I already moved past it and my memory is not the best.

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