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Now that you can buy nexus stones, many people will reach their attribute caps, and they still need something to look forward to.

I am looking for new perks suggestions. Preferably, they should be useful for everyone, and should cost between 5 and 10 PPs.

If I am going to implement your idea, you will get a prize.


The submissions should be in this format:

Perk name:




Also please specify your in game name if different than the forum name.

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Name gathering perk


Description pick up every thing that drops and help with some the wear med of life help them in a invasion


cost 5 pp and 10k gc

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rite of passage


The transistion from a boy/girl to man/woman

Will need to have a certain level of skills to have a chance to try for it.

Maybe put naked player on a map, will need to use skills to make items from the map, to get to the finish line.

Maybe allow player 5 items in inventory (like a bow and arrow)?

With discussion, I think could come up with goals and obstacles to complete.

It should be very difficult, not everyone will win. But can try again later.

Maybe have to offer 3 rosto to teh god for a chance to try. A dragon scale and other items.

What would the reward be?


As a noob, I have thought of several ways that could make it exciting. Curious to see what the pro's would come up with, if the idea is accepted.


Sorry if this is in the wrong place.

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To re Brusu+Eroticus These are perks for people which starts not, reaching max oa. They have godless + wont west perks (12 ? :o) for exp perk.


My idea


Magic Man


Gives +20% to your magic power(20% higher damage from harm,20% restore etc.) Also gives you +30 mana+30hp. (Can give minus to a/d/acc)


Costs 7 pp, 100000 gc


Many people are dedicted tank or hitter also


Tank Man


Gives you + 5 defense( or rest defense skills), -5 attack(or hitting skills


Cost 3 pp 100000 gc


Good hitter


Another way as Tank Man


5 pps could cost #reset without losing rest pps.

Edited by Pati2

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Perk Name: I Glow in the Dark 2


Description: Causes 10 points of damage to any enemy in combat.

Everytime you are hit or are hit, your opponents take 5 additional points of damage.


Cost: 10 Pickpoints, 50k GC (Can even be more then 10 PP's im sure people would get it)


Does not work with I Glow in the Dark (Original one. Removals are about 25k from Bots~) I Glow in the Dark 2 can only get removals from shop.




Perk Name:Sharp Shooter


Description: Deal 25% more damage with arrows


Cost: 7 PP's


Ingame name: Alphabet

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get twice gold from monster and +10% chance find rare items

7 PP + 250Kgc





Allow you to fight with 2 swords.

10 PP + 100K




Big Belly 2

Add 100 Food level (New max food level 200 )

40 Orange




Power Hungry

Conssume 2 food instead of 3

3 PP





Reduce food by 60% for 'Potion of speed Hax'

50K Fruits + 50K veg + 500 Potions + 1 PP + 25Kgc

Edited by Coban

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Perk name: Bullshitter

Description: For every hour you listen to channel 6 you get 10 dung added to your storage

Cost: Your Sanity

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I see dead people

Perception increase by 20%

3pp 100k gc



I am John Galt

NPCs give a 1% discount on shop items

7PP 125K gc


Ebul Mage

Spell duration last 5% longer

3 PP 100k





20% better chance of not losing horse whistle

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Perk name : Hercules/Perkules

Add 50 emu to your emu - to make you able to buy 1000 of each from NPCs with full phys/coord - not added when you mule.

Cost 5 PP

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Speedy Gonzales

You move 10% faster then usual. You consume 2 food points instead of 1 (more for ph) and in addition you loose 1 action point every 30 minutes or so.

Will cost you 5 pps and 50.000 gold coins to get it.


Lucky gambler

Grants you randomly additional benefits in attributes or skills every 20 minutes:

- +1 in physique and vitality (without affecting emu or etheral points)

- + 1 in reasoning and instinct

- + 1 in will and reasoning

- +1 in vitality and instinct (more relevant combinations of 2 can be added)

- +5 levels in manufacturing (alchemy, potion, crafting, engineering, tailoring, harvesting)

- +2 levels in magic (summoning, ranging)


Will cost you 7 pps and 150.000 gold coins to get it.

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When your summons kill something, it immediately goes to your inventory.

Cost: 5 Pickpoints and 100k gold coins


Lucky harvester:

Triple chance to find stones while harvesting.

Cost: 5 pickpoint and 200k gold coins.



Double chance to get rare drops from non-invasion monsters.

Cost: 5 pickpoints and 200k gold coins.



10% chance not to use mana when casting spells.

Cost: 5 pickpoints and 200k gold coins.


High stamina:

Action points restore double and 50% chance for action points to be consumed under normal use (harvesting amber, enhanced medallions, etc...).

Cost: 10 pickpoints and 15k gold coins.


Master of the rings:

Half cooldown on using rings. In addition, rings have 50% chance not to disappear when used.

Cost: 5 pickpoints and 50k gold coins.


The fort:

Each time you heal from Mol, Sop, etc..., the monster you are fighting has 10% chance to freeze for two turns.

Cost: 10 pickpoints and 1 million gold coins.



Half chance to use reagents when casting any spell and 'remote heal' spell gives double health points.

Cost: 10 pickpoints and 100k gold coins.



You read books at 20 times speed (becomes 25 times in fast reading areas).

Cost: 5 pickpoints and 10k gold coins.


Run for your life:

Triple chance for normal flee to work.

Cost: 5 pickpoints.



400 extra EMU when shapeshifted.

Cost: 5 pickpoints. (so 2608 instead of 2208, etc....)


High spirits:

Potion of spirit gives you 25 instead of 20 mana and potion of feastings gives 100 food instead of 50.

Cost: 5 pickpoints and 250k gold coins.


I work for the NSA:

Clicking 'see' on someone prints out their last 5 PMs.

Cost: Your password.


Channel 6er:

50% more chance to say "rekt".

Cost: Two English dictionaries.

Edited by hussam

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Carnivore (T-Rex)

Can only eat raw meat, NO other food items including FP.

Gives 25 food, 1 sec cool down (just to prevent miss clicks)

Cost 5 pp.



Cannot use any weapons other than staves or gloves. Cannot wear armor (COL excepted) or use shields, other than augies or leather.

Chance to stun your opponent for 3 turns. 2x weapon damage. +5 armor

Cost 8pp


monk 2

+10 armor

Higher chance to stun for 5 turns, 3x weapon damage.

Cost 12 pp

Edited by Aquila

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Higher Immunity:

Poision affects you with less hp lost per 10 seconds like 2 poison for first 4 for second 8 for 3 times ...

costs: 2pp



Cooldown on food and potions is only half from normal

cost: 5pp



ability to repair damaged and broken items

cost 5pp



All spells cost less mana

cost: 7pp

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Here's a few new suggestions and a few modified from posts above:


I glow in the dark 2 - 7 pp, does the exact same as I glow in the dark, but they stack (rather than trying to say you can only have one or the other or w/e).


Life Saver - 5 pp, grants permanent 10% chance to get healed 25 health.


Gatherer - 3 pp, grants permanent gatherer medallion ability.


Vampire Strike - 7 pp, grants permanent 20% life steal on melee attacks. (or 10% if it stacks with iglow/mirror)


ACP Fast Regeneration - 3 pp, when you gain action points naturally, you gain 5 instead of 1.


Excavator 2 - 10 pp, 4x harvestables. Cannot be used with excavator perk or cape.


Elementalist - 7 pp, adds 20% to your elemental damage when fighting. I.e. Therm would deal 12 fire and 12 ice damage.


Cotu - 10 pp, gives you cape of the unbreakable effect.


Sharpshooter - 5 pp, grants +20% perception.


Ethereal Summoner - 7 pp, 30% chance to not lose ingredients when summoning.


Epic Mule - 7 pp, allows your character to achieve up to 6 new mule levels.


Radu's beloved - 7 pp, 10% chance to not lose a rostogol stone on death (still no drop items).


Big Drinker - 7 pp, BRs heal 100 hp, GHPS heal 300 hp, srs grant 30 mana, emps grant 70 mana, feasting potions give 100 food.


The Recycler - 7 pp, grants you 1% chance to recycle ingredients when mixing.

Edited by Rabbitman

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Perk Name: Diplomatic Immunity

Description: An extention of the Monster Magnetism Perk, Diplomatic Immunity specifically covers the situations that Monster Magnetism does not. These monsters won't attack you, unless you attack first.

This Perk would cost 5PP and 10kgc





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Perk Name: Pacifist

Prerequisite: Can not be worshiper of Mortos

You can not start combat (or reengage after opponent has disengaged) nor cast harmful spells other than at opponent including all players and bots.
Players who attack you lose experience with experience increasing proportional to difference in levels.

Note: Perk can not be removed by reset.
Note: Players with this perk will be marked in a way so they can be recognized as having perk

Perk Name: Complete Pacifist

Prerequisite: Pacificist and Monster Magnetism Perks

You can not engage in combat with any creature and if attacked by creature will be disengaged and teleported to Temple of Aluwen

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