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Bringing C2 closer

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What about having a C2-C1 travel option which would be less hidden than the current Sarma rocket shaceship (whatever) - in the sense of an unused ship in PL (for 500 gc or so/trip). This would make it easier for everyone to go to C2, thus making it more appealing.

Rings and whatever aren't that bad, but i only see positive aspects from a ship route from C1 to C2

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With glacmor rings at ~210gc, and any other c2 ring guaranteed to be 350gc or less (NPC price)...

1) Rings are cheaper than the 500gc or so per ship trip, by at least 150gc.

2) Rings can be used regardless of where you are. A ship is limited to one place you have to go to.

3) Rings can take you to any one of 18 different c2 locations. A ship only takes you to one.

4) Those with Portal Room access likely know the "secret" place they can go to c2 from c1 with just a portal spell.
5) Even dung teleporters are as low as 165gc, and 10 of its 15 exits are C2.


You'll need to present the actual "positive aspects" you claim to see, as I don't think many others will see those. If it's more expensive, with such added limitations, it just won't get used.

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I agree that there are enough ways to get to C2 for less than the 500 gc proposed (even ICTTPR is cheaper, although rather high level).



In addition, an easily visible ship would be very tempting for real new players to try (even with a 500 gc price tag), and C2 is rather more dangerous and difficult than C1. And that's not because of stronger monsters, but there are dangers that don't exist on C1, and they are a lot less well indicated.

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