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I was recently informed that a player named shortcut claimed to be my alt and used that to join a guild.


To be clear I have one alt in this game, It is not Shortcut.


My alt is already in a guild of it's own and if anyone tells you they are my alt it is not me.

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chat_log_201404.txt:[15:12:10] [PM to Shortcut: are you an alt?]
chat_log_201404.txt:[15:12:42] [PM from Shortcut: yes]
chat_log_201404.txt:[15:12:59] [PM to Shortcut: who is your main char?]
chat_log_201404.txt:[15:13:10] [PM to Shortcut: if i may ask]
chat_log_201404.txt:[15:13:49] [PM from Shortcut: elf]
chat_log_201404.txt:[15:14:07] [PM to Shortcut: elf_ninja?]
chat_log_201404.txt:[15:14:35] [PM from Shortcut: yes]


At that time i stopped doing extra checks, and trustbot was down on that day. Shortcut did not talk a lot in guild (as alts rarly do) but some of the behaviour patterns did not fit, and then reports of misbehaviour came in more and more. so i talked with elf_ninja.


Shortcut is removed from K&M

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