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The explosion in a coal mine in Turkiye.

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Hey guys,


Maybe you're heard of it, there was an explosion (or a fire started, unknown yet) in a coal mine in Soma, Manisa, Turkey. There are too many different announcements and some says there were over 700 people in that shift, some says only around 400.


But the last official announcement was; 283 people have been found poisoned, lost their lives. There are many people taken to the hospitals for further treatment.


There are still none exact explanations of how the fire or explosion started. The news were saying that a fire started in trafo(?)(the little building that delivers electricty current) but our engineers were mentioning it's impossible because the material that the building was made is inflammable.


It's pretty obvious that there were some mistakes of controlling everything, but it caused so many lives, left so many sons dad-less, so many dads son-less.


I just wanted you to know about it, maybe some didn't see that in news or something.


This is the BBC link;




Thanks for reading,

Best regards.



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