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Beware of Tyriel

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I needed to buy an Elven on Chan. 3:


[11:54:11] [Osirus @ 3]: buy elven, cutty pm


Then Tyriel PMs me:
[11:55:02] [PM from Tyriel: hi, i can buy elven for you from NPC, i'm not anti. charge 1k services]
[11:55:12] [PM to Tyriel: cool, what npc, what loc]

[11:55:48] [PM from Tyriel: npc is in MM]
[11:55:52] [PM from Tyriel: will meet you there]

Traveled to Bower in MM to get the Bow..gave him the gc to purchase the item:



[11:59:56] Tyriel wants to trade with you. Use the trade icon then click on him/her in order to accept the trade.
[12:00:06] You have been saved!
[12:00:32] No player is in the game with the name of tyriel
[12:00:44] #GM from Osirus: so Tyriel just scammed me 101k


He logged off right after I gave the gc. I tried to PM him, thinking he tele'd by accident, but he had logged off. No grue message, etc.

Just be careful of him in the future.

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Pm to Radu or Aislinn in game, ask them for they check him on multitrading cases. It was probably alt, and probably shifted money to main char, which is not legal.


I reported few times every attempts to scam me and few assholes was banned (includes main chars).

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