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Defense Reduction Potion - only -29, not -30

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Reduction Pots should stack -5 each down to -30, per description.


Doing some experimenting today, I noticed I couldn't get the 6th potion to drink, it would stack to -25, then I couldn't drink any more.


When it dropped to -24, I was able to drink again, bringing it to -29.


I tested again when it came down to -25, but still was unable to ever get the stack to be -30, only -29 highest.



Defense Reduction tested only. I have no attack potions to test, so unsure if the same happens there.




Considering noone brought this up before despite how long they've existed, I question if maybe some newer perk that affects defense had something to do with it. It was a long time back, but I'm almost certain I got it to -30 back when they were first implemented.



I have Vanquisher perk (+1 att, +1 def) if that's the case.




A minor thing, but posting anyway since it's not as described (or possibly the perk affected it).

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I think it was meant to be like this... same with Steel Greave of Ubber defense... when they proc.. it raises your defense by 5, up to +19. Pretty sure it's same concept, except you go -29.


Reason for edit: accidently put -19 instead of -29.

Edited by Kricket

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