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Failing to run EL after installing OS X Mavericks

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Guest Olivine


was a little late with upgrading my Mac to this Maverick thing. Had trouble with starting EL like the others described but managed to solve that. Can get in the game and start playing, thanks to the Sir_Odie client, but cannot get two things repaired:

-sounds: the game stays quiet, exempt for background noises like tweeting birds in the landscape and roumor talking in the storage area's. Downloaded the sour an music extensions again but that did not help.

-custom maps: had the Olivine maps and before the upgrade had no problems with them. After the upgrade they are still in place on my system, but they don't show in the game. Even throw away and install them again did not work.


Anyone knows how to solve this?

Where exactly do you have them. I just installed EL on 10.9, and added the maps and it appears to work fine.

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I don't think there is a solution ot the sound issue.

NOTE: further updates to OS Mavericks migth require COMPLETE SHUTDOWN in order for EL to run and not to crash. Just happened to me.

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Guest KDC



I have the same problem on Mavericks, the client is crashing at startup. If I start it from the terminal this message appears:

petersmbp:MacOS peterszikra$ ./EternalLands 
/Users/linke/Desktop/el-devel/elc/macosx/../io/cal3d_io_wrapper.cpp:224: failed assertion `self'
Abort trap: 6

I think the problem maybe its searching for the 'cal3d_io_wrapper.cpp:224' not on may computer.



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