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Recording your Video's - And my video.

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Hey guys,


My name is Chester and as you can see i made a Fighting Trailer for Eternal - Lands.

If you want any tips on how to record your EL video's with nice quality like my video and learn to edit specified stuff you can post a comment in the video or here below.


Programs used:

Sony Vegas Pro 12

[ This program is for editing / rendering the video ]


[ You use this program to film gameplays etc ]

Windows 7

[ Operating System ]


[ YouTube Channel Layouts/Icon ]

Eternal - Lands

[ The game ]


Steps to follow for a great looking video:


1.Film gameplay with Fraps.

2.Save it in a findable place.

3.Open up the files with Sony Vegas pro 8-12

4.Edit as you wish.

5.Go to File - > Render as - > Internet HD 720 or 1080p for the best quality for your video.


[TIPS][TOP 11]


1. Do not make your video or the small clips inside of the video too long. People will get bored and close the video and maybe dislike.

2. Make the fade-in / fade-outs short so people do not think its the end of your video.

3. Check the video first before uploading. Believe me, This step is worth it.

4. Make sure you are recording.

5. Installing a Second Screen and Hard drive makes it much easier to record.

6. Use non copyrighted music so that your audio will not get removed.

7. Be sure you are allowed to record.

8. Use a good computer. Nobody is intrested in laggy video's.

9. Use good grammar, This looks good and if it is wrong it looks really bad.

10. Be sure to be able to handle criticism

11. Use good tags! Notice my video about the Clash 4 comes up as the first video on youtube when you type in Eternal-Lands. This is super useful for even more watchers.


For any other tips / feedback you could contact me ingame :) @ Chester


Greetings and good luck with filming your gameplay!



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