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What is the last good movie that you saw ?

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Starting with one that I have seen recently:


Life of Pie



and one that is coming out in 2013:


Ein klassisches Grimms Märchen total modern:


Hänsel und Gretel


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The most original comedy I have seen was last year, called: Iron Sky. Today they released a new version “the directors cut”


From the films I have seen recently:


Amour ( by Michael Hanneke ) is the most impressive, some scene’s I will never forget.

Live of Pi ( by Ang Lee ) comes close also,

The Master ( by Paul Thomas Anderson ) is a very good third

The Imposter ( by Bart Layton ) is also quite disturbing.


All time favourite directors:


Terry Gilliam ( all his works, Brazil is my all-time favorite nr 1 film ever )

Miike Takashi ( ditto, especially: The Great Goblin War, Audition, Ichi The Killer, Zebraman (1+2) and a few more )

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Gangster Squad

007 SkyFall

Batman: The Dark Knight Rises

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