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small storage sell of some sort :3

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hello , just selling a few things to create space mainly :)


5k titanium ore.

9k sulpher

10k emeralds - sold

5 coord removal stones - sold

2 vitality removal stones - sold

2 physique removal stones - sold

1 instinct removal stone - sold

1 will removal stone- sold

23 uni meds

13k Bones - sold

201 wolf fur - Sold

11k raw meat

2.5k polar bear fur - Sold

1 grape - sold

1 pear

3 serpent stones

31 enrichment stones - sold

also have lots of books that im not sure if worth anything :) - Sold


thanks for looking pm me in game or leave a message here Ty

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PM in game all the book titles, i'll probably buy them all


Also interested in some of the removals/serpent stones


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