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Texture/Graphics Bugs on Horses

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While I was messing around with being on a horse, and armors/clothings, I encountered some texture and graphics bugs where it was showing me wearing multiple armors at once, or one armor having the texture of another. Here are three examples:


Look at what it shows my character having on, compared to what I have equiped.



Shows a BD helm with NV coloring.



Shows BD Helm and Black Cavalier Peacock Hat being worn at same time, with BD Helm textures.



Shows RD Helm and RD Plate with BD armor textures.


Note: My capes do not always match my equipment slots either.


The bug is fairly easy to replicate, and quite strange since my #arm is as it should be equipment slots, but I am not sure if that is always the case, but I can be wearing multiple Helmets at once for example. I can explain the process to replicate in PM, as I am not sure if there are other issues with it I am not aware of other than the obvious incorrect texture/graphic.

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