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Surviving invances

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After observing the 100-120 invance today and having ranged in the 120+ for quite a while now, I wondered if we could compile a list of hints for people who are new to invances. or have just leveled up to the next level and find themselves a noob again.

I would like to use this info to write a guide on the wiki on how to survive invances.

Things that have come to my mind are:


Gate keeper can use invis pots or spell when scary mobs are near. The monster cannot walk inside (path blocked) but the gatekeeper wont get attacked.


Work in teams with a tank, at least one ranger and some extra fighters. Make sure you protect the rangers so they can concentrate on killing the mob quickly.


Learn to use invisibility. Searching for the rat or crossing the map to get to a monster as a ranger are two occasions that invisibility has served me well. When attacked while ranging, I often dis and go invis, I can stay close while dis cooldown runs out and re-engage without having to leave the area.


Mages that heal the tank can save rostos.


Don't forget the shield spell.


Disengagement rings (and invis pots) are much cheaper than rostos.


Bring a speed hax (and food), in case you need to get (from) somewhere in a hurry.


Maybe other people can comment on the use of summons/summoning stones and potions, as well as the best gear to use (staff of protection?, scythe, fire arrows ...).


But most of all, have fun and try not to die :P

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I bring at least 10 EMP with me. They can save my life sometimes. Potions of vitality help with nasps and potions of attack help with giants.

There is another tricky situation in 120+ invance with the white tigers so some air essences help. Then you can MD the white tigers instead of having your cooldown reset.

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What to bring.

For rangers it is a bit different than fighters, but here is a start:

When selecting armor keep in mind that the map has cold damage.

I go in full Titanium with RDHoLM/NV and MoL

As a ranger I bring in a full 300 pk arrows and my elven bow, but you can always restock.

Dont forget your 2 amber :)

A minimum of 10 dis rings

5-10 SR

20-40 HE

Tele essies

Invisibility potions and poison antidotes

TS pots

A sword and shield (shield is optional, I hardly ever use it, but often switch bow and sword)

A couple of Nara and/or MM rings


DE and AE


For fighters, I assume SR, HE will be much more, with EMPs as well.

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Well avoiding the crowded areas is the main thing for a newbie of his/her new invance/instance level. I've been from 60-80 to 80-100 right now but have been in +120 more than I could remember.


For a fighter, tinf perk is a great saver in invances. Also a combination of tinf and eva perk is awesome, if you got some spare pp's. Always remember to bring some acc/eva and some Fire arrows with you. In case of low-level-attacks to you while you're killing something harder, just put the FA on and kill the low level and continue killing the biggie.


I've never used invis pots but dis+invis is a great rosto-saver. But I usually used teleport to range instead.


Also keep in mind that when you're tanking something and going down on mana, never keep tanking till last restore, when you diss with not enough mana to restore, you'd be in a big trouble. Always keep your mana bigger than 50. (Also read what hussam said about EMP's and AE's to mana drain bears/tigers)





As a ranger, I strongly suggest to wear col/holam until the density of creatures go low, even if you miss the arrows. A cooldown with a tiger and a giant-out-of-nowhere would cost a rosto in no time. Tele to range essies are great for rangers, also for pinning the mobs like drags.






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As a weak fighter in 120+ i can give some of my impressions.

Usually i am the weakest when multing creature, so i often have to get attack by the creature i can manage good with sop and mol, but even with that i run out of mana while being multi, so when i am at low mana i just stop fighting and take bow and arrow and range some hard monster ( giant , naspas) until i got a decent mana again.

Also be careful to not diss at the last moment because sometimes you can be catch just after diss, so i wait to being multi by all creature nearby then diss and tele to a safe location on map ( i can see with minimap).

I am the only one that brings fur cloak :P, using it when not many monsters are on the map.

Also GHP saved me more than a rosto and aren't that expensive ;).

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I am in the 100-120 range (Faxie, a/d 118/117 and Range 61):

  1. Understand the 'Tanksystem':
    The monster will attack the lowest combination of armor and defense and recalculates that every time someone enters fight or disses. So if you are at the beginning of the cap or in lesser armor than your companion, know it will switch to you. Use Potions of Defense and/or Shield Spell to get a better combo if needed.
  2. Communicate with your teammates:
    If monsters will switch to you, and you are out of mana, don't reengage unless your mana is up again or wait for 1 of the others to take off his/hers plate. Let them know you are out of mana.
  3. Watch your teammates:
    If one of them just tanked naspas etc, take of your plate and tank next. This way he/she can up his/hers mana and the both of you can stay out longer.
  4. Know the strength and weaknesses of your teammates:
    For example1: As Faxie I am in the upper half of the cap and a high ranger. When meeting a giant I have 2 choices: tank it or range it. If other good rangers are around, I tank it so they can range it, else I will let someone else tank it and I will range it.
    For example2: As I have a nice attack level and 20 reason, I can hit a Nasp almost 100% with a Radioactive Rapier and an FA. If you cannot, make sure to tank it so I can use the FA saver (Nasps mirror)
  5. Help others:
    If you see some monster approach a ranger when he/she is busy with a giant, attack that monster. This way the ranger can keep on shooting and come to your aid as soon as giant is done.
  6. Know that you are allowed to restock:
    You can restock while in invance; use an MM ring, restock and go back. Don't stay out too long (2 minute rule) and let everyone know you are out (so we can slow down killing if we are about to finish it)
  7. Share with others:
    If you are in the higher ranges of the cap, chances are you get a nice amount of drops (10-20k), while tanks and rangers get way less or none at all. Because you do it together, share with them. Besides the good feeling that it will give you, people are more likely to help you out of trouble if you share with them.
  8. Don't panic if ganged up:
    As someone stated in the 80-100 instance guide (read it, lots of it goes for invances aswell), you are not really going to die. It is just a collection of pixels. Staying calm and knowing your options will prevent you to die most of the times. If you know you cannot win, and you still have enough mana, try to flee manually. Use your diss ring only when you have no other option because getting attacked with low mana and diss cooldown kinda sucks. After the diss there are several things you can do:
    - Walk away
    - Teleport to Range
    - Go invisible
    - Use telering (mm/nara)
  9. Use Mana Drain:
    Mana drain is a great way to resupply your mana much faster than on potions alone. Monsters that have mana in our invance are: Yeti, FCW, White Tiger. Just remember the 2 second rule when casting it in battle. Don't mana drain when your HP is low! (that costed me at least 1 rost :) )
  10. Think before you act:
    If you see a bunch of monsters coming your way, just walk back till you can single out 1 and attack it.
  11. Learn from other invancers:
    In our range there are several experienced invancers. Watch how they do it and learn from them. If you have a question, just ask (preferably after invance, I cannot type and fight that well :) )
  12. Know the monsters:
    White tigers can put you on cooldown (potions and dissrings)
    Phantom Warriors have self-destruct perk
    Hawks and Naspas have the mirror skin perk (so make sure you have enough HP to deal with that)
  13. Do instances:
    Most of what I use in invances goes for instances aswell. Because you are in a smaller team, you will learn much faster.
  14. Use the proper cape:
    If you don't have NMT perk, always use the NMT cape else:
    If you are tanking use a Mirror Cape, if you are not use a Body Piercing cape
  15. Check your astro before you go:
    Astro makes a big difference in how you will perform in the invance. The things I check: A/D, Crits, Accu/Magic, Harvest/Degrade.

Equipement (fighter/ranger)

Armor etc:


2 RDHoLaM (1 spare)

Dragon Set: Black Plate/Greaves, Ice Cuisses (cold damage)

Gatherer Medaillon (or moon if you don't have one)


Titanium Shield

Night Visor



Radiactive Rapier


Jagged Saber

Elven Bow



60 Potions of Spirit Restoration

200 Health Essences

60 Air Essence

20 Fire Arrows (for Nasp)

20 Rings of Disengagement

5 of each of theTeleport to Range essences

15 Extra Matter Essences

10 Potions of each: Attack, Coordination, Reason and Physique

5 Potions of each: Defense, Wildness and Vitality

4 Potions of each: Evasion and True Sight

1 Horse Whistle

1 Rostogol Stone

2 Rings of Morcraven Marsh


These are the things I could come up with. If I remember more, I will edit this post.

Edit1: Typo

Edit2: Typo

Edit3: Extra example weakness/strengths

Edit4: Typos and better explanations

Edit5: Typos

Edited by DonC

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As a ranger I would also add 2 cents to Maxine advices.


When on the stronghold walls switch from REDHOLAM/COL to NVs (goggles), but when hunting with a team stick to the COL/REHOLAM (You will shoot from small distance anyway).

Don’t rush in front of fighters, stay behind and pick ranging spot wisely (better to lose 3s and pick proper ranging spot then change position 5 times).


If you can afford it, then CAMO cape and NINJA tunic are great for night invasions. Monsters won’t see you same way like players, many times they will just pass near you without attacking.


Invisibility potions and teleport essences are MUST have! I also carry GHPs with me.


Rangers all the way, HOOAH! :bow_arrow:

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if you are low level in any range try and stay close to the gate. it's difficult helping out away from gate where you can easily be surrounded, so might aswell help the gatekeeper a bit buying him some time for stronger fighters to come to the rescue in case of boss mobs. or maybe some lone wanderers come by that you can kill.


saves some rosto's, but you still help out.


oh and maybe it's obvious, but if you happen to be around a big rock/object.. dont be afraid to pass monsters that are around it (if all other ways are cut off), if they start walking they won't attack you untill they reach their destination. giving you some time to run past. might work in open areas too, but with objects you are almost always certain they walk around first.

if timed right it saves you sometimes from walking into something more dangerous.

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If think if you are low in any range, you should stay with the biggest group you can find. Most people will try to protect you if you are new. There is safety in numbers.

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In my opinion a noob (non ranger) is useless at the gate and will only buy time for the gatekeeper by dying first.

Nice hint about walking around objects though, will have to try that out. Thanks.


Roles that low level players can take with low risk is kill hawks (nasty beasts), tigers (magic immunity on), kill PWs (life drain), remote heal tanks, spot mobs, hunt the rat (invis), pin a mob (fort and docks). All of these help other fighters.

Don't hesitate to dis when it gets too hard, a 120 a/d isn't expected to tank an Icy, but being a distraction for one or two hits before you dis can help others get away as well.


First rule of invance fighting is "save yourself before you think about others".

Second rule "dont endanger others unless based on rule #1"


Just my thoughts on this matter.

Edited by Maxine

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Make sure to have an ISP (internet service provider) that does not have occasional ping times of 6 seconds. Comcast has had a few lagging moments for me and it can easily kill a rosto.


Be a chicken. Only bother to approach a monster if you know you can kill it easily or there are a bunch of other people by it. Avoid approaching a large group of monsters.


Have plenty of dis rings.


Use quick slots and quick spell slots.


Have the armor and other gear you need to live.

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Tip 1#

Avoid lag and resinc and you will be fine ;) thats a tricky one, but i only died when i was lagged or on resinc


Tip 2#

dont try to be a hero, only go for stuff you are sure you wont die for.


Tip 3#

if minimap is showing too many red dots, maybe its time for you to go to another direction, or wait more ppl to join that place.

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dis+tele with keyboard, mm rings, don't let yourself get surrounded, always try to have an escape route planned out so you can run towards it if you are in cooldown after using a dis ring or having some other problem.


Also very helpful if you can find another player that wears lower armor than you. Attack at same time as that player becomes the target of the creature. You can hit away and not worry about being the one who takes all the damage.

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Just a tip for the people in the lower part of the range, tag along with a couple stronger people, and as they tackle to more difficult mobs, the ones you can't kill, stick around them and kill the weaker mobs that come close, preventing to strong killers from receiving the multi-defense penalty and still keeping yourself relatively safe... until mulitple tough stuff appear :)


#EDIT# Added more tips


On the matter of weapons, i have found that using a SoP can be very useful when entering a new range in melee. I've seen people use FA with fist to kill PWs, but i prefered using Radioactive longsword+FA on them for a 1 hit kill. In the lower ranges (4060) very useful to hit the monsters that where difficult to hit (i often used a rapier on WTs and fluffies in 4060, then swapped back to cutty for rest of mobs)


Armor wise, just get the best kit you can, as soon as you can, and remember to keep stocked up with rostos so that if you do die, you can quickly tele ring back into the frey.


And one last tip: i like to begin dissing from a mob at 75 ethereal left, manually, to preserve my dis rings for the heavier prey (giants and yeti atm), so if i begin to get clobbered by an MCW with noone around to help, i'll begin to manually flee from 75 EP, and if i still haven't got away with 25EP left, i dis and run from it (usually towards gate, or a usually quickly cleared area - such as docks)


Hope this helps

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