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Contest time!

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Ambassadors from Rapa Nui have been visiting the Idal Empire lately. As a gift, they brought 11 of their typical Monuments that are now standing in various places in Idaloran.


Soon after their departure, rumours spread that each Monument had sculpted somewhere a single letter, and that all the letters together would form a hint to where the ambassadors had hidden the return gifts that they had collected from the rulers of the different countries in Draia.


Will you be the one to collect all the hints, solve the riddle and find the treasure?



Monuments are bots named Monument_1 ... Monument_11. You must find them and trade with them to receive the 1-letter hint. We know that the monuments are in Idaloran, and not in PK, but no further info is available. All the letters, sorted appropriately, will form a hint to where the treasure is hidden. The hint is to a small place, and the treasure is a hyperbag there, so get your skeleton keys ready.


The bag itself contains a few simple items. PM me the contents to claim the prize.

Everyone can join in the hunt, and you are free to organize teams (but not to use multiple alts in the hunt). The prize will be awarded to the first one to PM me the correct list, any splitting among the team after that (or lack thereof) is a private business of the winner.


Contest will start on the 25th day in the month of Nimlos, the year 0031, Age of the Eternals, at sunbreak.



Prize: 150000gc, donated by interpolation.


P.S.: First 10 minutes will be just plain hunting. Then, we will start having an invasion in Idaloran, low-level mobs at first, then increasing. Good luck!

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Great invasion! :) only managed to find 1 monument before the invasion started then it got harder to look for em :P


Gratz to the Winners!

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