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High level monster drops

High level monster drops  

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  1. 1. How do you feel about high level monster drops?

    • I like the chance for a really good drop even if there is also the chance for a very low one
    • I would like to see a decent sized minimum drop in exchange for a slightly lower high end drop

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This is another poll that has nothing to do with any official discussion or plans for change (afaik). I am simply curious how other people feel about this topic.


Currently, when fighting high level monsters like the Bulangiu and Mare Bulangiu it is possible to put in a lot of effort and resources for the chance at a pretty decent drop or a really crappy one. My question is this: Do you like the system the way it is now where you have a chance for a really low drop and a really high drop OR would you like to see a system where there is a decent sized minimum drop in exchange for a slightly lower high end drop?


Again, this is just me being curious as to how other people who experience these drops (instancers, invancers, invasion attenders) feel about the subject. It has not sprung from discussion anywhere in 6 or on forums or anywhere else lately.

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