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Selling things from my storage

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210 veggies





6 tin ore

490 iron ore



94 diamond

52 rose quartz

630 blue quartz

16 amber



2 iron battle hammer

1 tit long

1 used tit long

3 frying pan



Used tit plate

tit shield

tit cuisses

2 steel shield

used steel greave

3 leather pants

24 augmented leather pants

2 iron helmet

5 wooden shield

18 padded leather armor

3 augmented leather armor (torso)



1 ring of power

33 ring of disengagement

70 moon medallion

43 a/d indicator

1 stars medallion

5 unicorn medallion

15 ring of morcraven marsh



489 health essence

474 spirit essence

10 matter essence

282 life essence

4 energy essence

64 air essence



8 invisibility potion

3 potion of accuracy

522 potion of spirit restoration

15 poison antidote



1 leonard fur

30 tiger summoning stone

583 raw meat

52 falcon

16 white rabbit

92 brown snake

43 skunk

18 green snake

170 wolf

10 deer fur

8 beaver

11 red snake

24 deer antler

35 feran horn

62 raccoon

15 bear fur

38 polar bear fur

4 snow leopard fur

153 leopard fur

73 black panther

10 cockatrice feather

94 hawk feather

26 puma fur

2 brown rabbit fur



14 fur cloak

1 black tunic black shirt

52 warm fur gloves

1 fur hat

2 raccoon hat

1 Body piercing cloak

1 power saving cloak

1 fast regeneration cloak

1 Monster magnetism cloak



378 thread

12 empty vials

3 skull key



1 disengagement ring building

1 book of serpent sword of thermal

3 book of crafting potion

2 portland ring building

1 steel shield construction

1 steel axe construction

Edited by patpatshow

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Offer 10kgc for Animal parts

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please leave me a mercator message (patpatshow ingame)

and if your forum name is different from your ingame name please leave your ingame name after your message


all is still there (everything is edited after a sale)

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