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Ode to the Badaran

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A poem I wrote for fun about hunting the Badaran. I think this is the right place to put it?


A monster from the forests roams

Where wheat farmers make their homes


From the deserts in the east

Hunters seek the mighty beast


From verdant green Emerald Valley

Up the river rows a galley


From boats moored at the dock

Adventurers begin to flock


Decked out in their fighting gear

They let out an almighty cheer


From Crimshin forest in the south

The beast opened its mighty mouth


A fearsome roar bellowed out

The army put aside their doubt


The time for battle was at hand

To end the menace to this land


Every soldier drew their sword

Adorned with talismans to ward


Against his fearsome tooth and claw

They ran forth to uphold the law


Armed with rags and dragon scale

Essence of earth and many a nail


The great Legion issued forth

They drove the beast into the north


Where the bones of heroes lie

He fell with an almighty cry


They feasted well and toasted victory

Hail to the heroes of this story!

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