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Elysian Fields -EF-

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Well well well.. if it isn't sMooMs with his Elysian Fields once again..


Yes I am back to EL. Not as active/nerdplayingstyle like I was before. I do have a life now, yes I do, dont make funny jokes =)

I am trying to bring -EF- back to the Lands of Eternal. If you would like to join, just give me a whisper ingame!


If you are a starter and want some help/fun/chats while playing the game, you are more than welcome!


See you around!

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You're born to be a fighter/pker iirc. Now there's no PK, so there's no need of you.


You'll be bored to hell and quit again. :hehe:





Best regards,

-Kaddy :rolleyes:

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