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Bug in Non Stop Day?

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Is it possible that there's a bug with the Non Stop Day special day? I've been harvesting almost all the time during the last 2 hours since the day started (with my alt Celine_Hagbard), and not a single mini event did happen. No extra coins, no extra experience, no hurting myself, just harvesting until I'm overloaded.


From the description of #day

Today you don't stop harvesting when you trigger a mini harvesting event.

I understand that I won't stop harvesting, but instead it seems to not even trigger any mini event.


I hope this hasn't been covered elsewhere. I searched the bug forums but didn't find anything in this direction.

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This has been discussed before...the day works by returning your char to the moment before the event took place when one does. In effect, the event occurs and then its occurence is rejected.

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I'm sorry if this has been already discussed, I didn't find anything.


Thanks for your quick response, this will explain the situation and solves the issue.


Isn't it possible to change the topic title to mark it [solved]?

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