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Client 1.9.2 and server update

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Server changes:

Fixed some Haidir related bugs.

New stat, action points. They regenerate every once in a while if your food level is over 0. The regeneration rare is statistically constant, but luck plays a role, as in anything that has to do with statistics. The max capacity is given by rationality*20. For now, the only thing you can do with them is harvest amber, but there will be a lot of new things soon.

2 new crafting items, paper and quill.

Instanced invasion. More about it in a separate thread.

Instance monsters have red tags now.


Client changes (since 1.9.1)

* Minimap open-on-start option, circles + shadows

* Buddy icon flashes on change

* Improved new character window

* Critical fails and poisoning in counters

* Search and bookmarks for encyclopedia

* Allow the camera to zoom out more

* Variable number of quick bar item/spell slots

* Knowledge window - highlight books matching filter

* Option to open minimap when the client starts

* If the mouse is over a stats bar, draw the EXP remaining

* More NPC dialogue options and function to repeat last selection

* New item list window

* Compass shift-click copies location to current channel

* Mouse over knowledge window progress-bar shows time left

* Display last recent damage/heal values as hover over health bar

* #Know command - added -read, -unread and -total options

* Option to configure the maximum food level shown in the hud bar

* Restructure options window and reduced size

* Fixes for hardware_animation_program

* Rewrite of custom cloths and updates downloads.

* Added action point attributes

* Properly centre floating messages

* Minor quest log fixes and improvements

* New texture code, now almost everything is DDS

* Added support for OpenGL multi sampling (FSAA)

* Performance improvements actor loading, map changing, textures, threading

* Eye candy speed ups and fixes (requires OpenGL 1.5)

* Added support for boots meshes


Roja will post a list of client contributors tomorrow.

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