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Advice on build

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Hey ive started my character off with a general build, but I want to now transfer to a fighter/pker/trainer etc build

My stats are 57att/54def/31mag/67oa

20p/28c/8r/4w/6i/16v and i have 10 free pps

I have the attack and magic gods

I have just the standard perks

Im not interested in resetting or ditching the attack god


Any advice would be awesome

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Well u have a nice built so far and a "long way" training at ogres.


The pps u have u might consider putting them in instnct for more dodging


and ditch the attack god and get defence, u will have plenty of time later on to level your attack, defence god atm gives more exp (and will give u more OAs.


Btw which are the standard perks? :P

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