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Increasing NPC prices


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  1. 1. Should the npc's sell items at higher prices so stuff is mixed instead of bought?

    • Yes, increase the prices.
    • Yes, increase the prices,, but only for items worth more than 10k
    • No, npc item prices are ok.
    • The npc's should not sell items worth more than 10k when they can be mixed
    • The npc's should not sell items that can be mixed

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Honestly, the only item that I think seriously needs to be changed is the spirit essence. 9gc is way to cheap. Both that and a death essence requires mercury, which isn't exactly easy to make but death sells for 20gc? I never understood that.


Anyway that's just my 2gc.

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Well, i voted that they are okay.


If they became more expensive, people would mix too much and in the same way i think the EL market would kind of get more boring and an aspect of the game gets lost, i'm not a big buy and sell person but i'm quite interested in the prices of items, if you know what i meen..


Although at the same time, people do often take advantage of the the NPC prices with Bots, which isn't bad but thats where NPC/Bot prices clash and doesn't quite as well somehow.


Which is why i voted okay, because i think NPC prices should be NPC prices and people should work around or through them, whilst having in mind the Bots too.. to me i think Bots have a large part to play in the prices of NPC's, just as they are to Bots.

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I voted npc prices are ok. I also fully agree with elgoran. Static npc prices are our last line of defense against inflation. Npc prices should never change. It's not the regular player's fault bot owners like to jack up binding prices every once in a while for no valid reasson what so ever.

Yeah its All the bot owners faul that happens, shame on All the botowners...


Decrease some prices that are to high and increase some that are to low, it should not be about increasing or decreasing the prices it should be about leveling the prices out to fit the market better (would be a lot of work though..).

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Voted: "No, npc item prices are ok." but if anything should be changed it is adjusting harvestable and ess prizes, to be more consistent, maybe include harveys vials in pl in it, but unless it's easily done I don't think it's worth the effort.

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