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... of mimicry

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Here we go:


You harvest near a mineral (ore/mineral/quartz), and you are able to look like the mineral close to you that you harvest. That is the basic idea.


1. What you need/have to wear is a pick/glove and the cape, nothing else (no meds/armor/crowns ect). You have to sit and harvest for lets say 30secs till 1 minute to "change" into the next mineral you are close to. Once you move (in any way) you will be seen again as your normal character. You can be seen when others "try" to harvest you with the according tool or by others wearing that cape.


2.You need food/potions like shapeshifting does, you wear a tool but nothing else. The rest is like 1.


When it is a cape, nexus comes to my mind. "Free pp" too, so let us make it interesting, 10 human and 10 magic/10 inorganic (a balance thing i guess). It should be hard enough to even let the guys and gals who might reached everything yet, think about it :)


When it is potions/food...i have no idea what could fit to make the idea balanced and worth it, but others may :) .


This is a spontaneous idea, inconsistency might be a product...that is:

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