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BoC website BoC Guild is an older well respected guild that accepts mature players (18 and older) who are honest and can follow simple rules and get along. We like our recruits to be a good fit for our guild so will want to get to know a bit about you before we allow you to join. General info: We want everyone to be respected and cared for, only for mature people, we will help you to find your way...

Joining the guild: Pm YethQ, Caecus, Bigbass, Archfundy, Guinevereanne ingame or apply on the forum (website will tell you how to get to forum)

Simple BoC Rules:


1.No scamming

2.No bag jumping

3.Always be respectful in #GM's and #IG's (no cussing)

Do not attack or PK Allied Guilds (Green tags are friends, blue tags are allies)

4.No begging for items And no whining!

5.All alts that are in the guild have to be declared (so we don't break game rules when using storage bot)

6.Have a good time!

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