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L.I.D is Selling!

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Me, Insain and Dodgey are gonna mix stuff, for you! i will list the current essence,armor,potions ect underneath when we have the stock and the price.



737 Fire Essence, 3.5gc each.

0 Water Essence,

0 Earth Essence,

0 Air Essence,

0 Spirit Essence,

50 Matter Essence,

0 Energy Essence,

32 Life Essence,

0 Death Essence,

200 Health Essence,

0 Magic Essence,



1 Potion of Minor Healing.

0 Potion of Mana,

0 Potion of Reasoning,

0 Potion of Physique,

5 Potion of Defense,

0 Potion of Coordination,

0 Potion of Wildness,

0 Potion of Will,

0 Potion of Vitality,

0 Potion of Attack,

60 Potion of Spirit Restoration,

0 Potion of Feasting,

0 Potion of Body Restoration, 13gc each.





1 Padded Leather Armor, 100gc each.

12 Augmented Leather Armor, 190gc each.

0 Iron Chain Mail,

3 Steel Chain Mail, 850gc each.

2 Leather Helmet, 20gc each.

3 Iron Helmet, 350gc each.

1 Wooden Shield, 100gc each.

1 Enhanced Wooden Shield, 180gc each.

0 Iron Shield,

3 Steel Shield, 500gc each.

0 Leather Pants, 100gc each.

13 Augmented Leather Pants, 120 gc each.

8 Leather Boots, 100gc each.





1 Iron Sword,

1 Iron Broad Sword,

1 Steel Long Sword,

0 Two Edged Steel Sword,

0 Titanium Short Sword,

0 Titanium/Steel Alloy Long Sword,

1314 Bones,

0 Iron Axe,

0 Steel Axe,

1 Wooden Battle Hammer,

1 Iron Battle Hammer,

1 Frying Pan,




Reserved for orders.




If we don't have any of that item, post below on what items you want/need and we will do it when we can, thank you.








I will change when i have more stock, and the places that don't have prices i don't have a "decent" price until somebody asks for something of that item. I can/will ban you from using this service if you try to scam me or dodgey/insain in any way or form.


#NOTE: Some items are in lack of making due to books need reading, drop only item, or we are busy, if you need items but we do not have, just give me, insain or dodgey and pm and we will see if we can get some of those items made.


Any input of prices will be accepted, Thank you and we hope that we get you what you need, and fast! :)


Your regards,

LittleLooter, Dodgey and Insain.



List of banned players



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