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Hmm, didn't know where this belongs, most probably into a ForumPM to radu, but i don't think he has to be bugged with every little thing.

Okay, i made a lil bashscript that checks a list of playernames for their online status. It's the very first script i ever wrote,

so people with a weak stomach should probably not read it.

When i was done, i began to doubt the legality of the whole thing though. Left aside the annoyance factor.


On the one hand, it uses information readily available to everyone, namely the players online page, and merely refines it.

On the other hand it pretty much copies the functionality of the buddy list, just outside of the game. And to put

someone on your buddy list, you have to ask them for approval for a reason.


Also, since the script wgets the whole page every minute, it might cause a non-negligible rise of traffic if used by several players simultaneously.

But then again it's ~40 lines of code anybody could have written...


So you see my dilemma, any clue might be helpfull.

Thanks in advance,




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use a mirror for the online players list, i use Greypal's mirror






but i built a web app so i store the info fetched from the mirror locally too


EDIT: i didn't see a moral dilemma because as you said, it only refines the data all ready available, does it matter that you see all of the players online and CTRL+F to see if your buddy is online or do you use a script to see a predefined list of users only changes the fact of how fast you see them online.

For me the CTRL+F version would still be more accurate due to the cache time of my web app - every time you look at the list it can be ~6min or more old


But again i must admit that i am just a harmless harvester therefor i might not see the ways ppl might abuse this.


EDIT2: I was thinking about adding ability for users to create lists so I would like to see if any users have any problems with this :rolleyes:

Edited by zalic

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Allright. Feeling a bit more secure now, thank you. :-)


Also modified it to use the fd-list now -> way less bandwidth used but a bit more laggy as well, since that list doesn't get updated as often.

If anyone feels like testing and/or improving it:

here it is


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Cool idea, thanks :) Here is modified version to add to conky :D

wget -q http://elmirror.el-fd.org/online_players.txt -O source.txt;
#wget -q http://game.eternal-lands.com/online_players.htm -O source.txt;
rm -f players_online.txt ;
touch players_online.txt ;

for player in `cat playerlist.txt`
if [ `cat source.txt | grep -i -c $player` -eq 1 ]; then
echo "$player " >> players_online.txt; fi

cat players_online.txt;

Put ${execi 30 bash $HOME/elcheckerv0.3.sh} at the end of your .conkyrc and voila! :)


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Part 2 of this lil thing is the instancefinder maybe.

You call it with a 60, 80, 100 or 120 as parameter and it'll print and write to a file all online players suitable for that instance that don't have priavcy enabled.


#edit Removed the link for now. Gotta ask radu first wether running wget once for every player online is okay or not.

Edited by Elgoran

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First i have to say that many bots use such a feature to show who in a guild is online without having to check, there are online-player and online-bots pages that are designed to be downloaded by bots and automated prgrams. I am using such pages for http://rip-el.forumotion.com/Modified-Greypals-Marketsearch-h1.htm where it shows who of offering bots or players are online and who not.

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Allright. Talked to radu and redid the thing.


now also has the instance checking feature. Any testing and feedback to improve it's usability

would be welcome.

The only drawback is that it uses lists of instancers i host and since i couldn't find a complete list of all players in EL,

it'll slowly find more players with each daily update.

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