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Collection of Summoning Suggestions

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Well, after alot of mixing, pondering, and summoning.. i have a few suggestions concerning "summoning"


Tank Rabbits: Basically they are fluffy looking things with 150 HP, high toughness, and evancences perk (literally..tanks). They were introduced to be tanks in instances/pk but are they worth all they're cracked up to be??



- Nice tank, (on most weapon/creatures)

- Surprising not alot of ppl know of them.. so when faced with one they tend to not think much of them :whistle:

- cheap ingredis, ~80 gc for a summon, very cheap and afforable



- 6 animal nexus

- HUGE mana cost

- high level required therefore alot of fails (which isnt what Summoners want when they're on a Pk map..)

- did i mention the HUGE mana cost??


Possible Improvements: I believe that im one of the few who actually summons Tank Rabbits.

- make them summon X(maybe 2-3?) at a time, because with 1 summon...your mana goes -poof- and unless ur wearing a CoM that is a huge problem (in instance/invasion/pk) and with ONLY 1 tank...a bronze/meltran tears thru it in 5 seconds..

- REDUCE, REDUCE, REDUCE the mana cost! Idc if its by 10 or even 40 (<3) but please reduce it. As of now, they are not very benefitial in Instance (which is one of the main reason for them being implanted) If they are to tank.. i would use them to tank Yetis (in the 60-80 instance) or meltrans.. Yetis and Meltran eat my Tank Rabbits up for breakfeast, lunch, dinner, and brunch. ^^ The cost of the mana is too high considering the fact that we have limited supplies in an instance. Me and one of my instance team has seen PW do better then Tank Rabbits for the boss (Dilimacs)...Now that is a huge shame considering that PWs are not meant to tank :P (are they?)

- If u dont reduce their mana..at least reduce the requirements. As of now it cost 6 animal nexus (only Tank Rabbits and Red Dragons require Animal 6) but so far from what i observe..their not worth the 6 animal nexus. (it cost how much for a nexus? ? 550k gc? If PW performs just as well (or even better) as Tanks Rabbits, im sure if i save my 550k gc; i can afford a good bunch of PW summons.. :P )


Falcons: Birds that you can summon with high attack...


Advantages: none.



- useless in Pk atm.

- high cost.. (10 falcon feathers for.. 1 falcon)


Possible Improvements: Make them more sensible to summon (Great idea with the hawks btw :wub: )

- allow each summon to summon 10 hawks..

- give the 10 hawks TS effect. (: make them more appealing to summon.


Sslessar: Only way you can meet this creature is by Summoning or Invasions.. similar a/d as a fluffy with higher criticals iirc. Giantic snakes which symbolize Selain (God of Summoning)



- only Summonable that WONDERS away from the summoner.

- summons 4 at a time.



- requires a serpent stones (which alot of stuff in-game requires..)

- basically unused by most summoners except once every full moon.


Possible Improvements: I know i would summon these creatures more often if the following effects,

- Poison effect. Allow it to be 2x the affect of a redtoad and give the Slessar a 5% chance per hit. & possibly allow it to stack up. That would be veeery nice and allow summoners a chance to be *ebul* :D


Polar Bears/Brown Bears: Brown bears have a chance to do Mana Burn while Polar Bear have no mana.


Advantages: none.



- No use for polar bears. (thats why alot of ppl have HUNDREDS of polar fur in storage.. *looks at my 700 polar bear furs in storage* ..i tryed to make them as appealng as possible, it used to be 1.5k polar bear furs)

- No use for brown bears, the stone is more efficent.

- The ingredients weights..alot. (bear fur & 5 meat/bone with 3 LEs)

- High mana costs.


Possible Improvements: Well.. i always thought that the SUMMONING skill should pay off more then a stupid stone ANYONE can click.. i mean, shouldnt actual Summoning be more effective then clicking a simple "summoning-for-dummies" stone? ^^

- Reduce the mana costs

- allow the bear summons more bear per summon. (like the fluffes/ACs/sselssar/yetis)

- allow polar bears to deal ~20 cold damage when they die. (kinda like the "Self-Destruction" Perk but with cold damage to fit the Polar Bear theme)


The Summoner Perk: Adds +10% to your summoned creature's a/d and also gives +5% critical to hit & damage.



- Increase your summon's a/d & make it stronger.



- costs 5 pp just to increase the summon's a/d by 10% (But iirc all summons already have an increase..isnt it plus 1/2*the summoner's summon level to the summon creature's A/D)


Possible Improvements: I like the a/d increase alot.. really! but for 5 pp that really isnt much of a benefit. (Keep in mind im not trying to "complain".. just want to help the perk get more users)

- Maybe make summons from ppl with "The Summoner" perk die in less time? (As of now their health go down every 1 minute and it depends on how much health it has..) Maybe with The Summoner, the health only goes down every 3mins? or even 2?

- Or give the summon creature an HP increase?? Maybe +30% of its original HP.

- Or give it a 20% chance not to waste the ingredis used to summon (maybe not let it count for mixing stones because that will be OP)

- Or give it a +15% to summon doubles (even on the multiple summons)


*the numbers i give in my suggestions are purely suggestions/wishes/hopes/X-values. Or introduce any new summoning perks that offer those effecs.. feel free to use my ideas)


Summons requiring weapons: (gobs, orcs cyclops) Weapons are high cost, the summons are weak (compared to alot of ppl who plays EL atm)

Not to mention as of now...they are UN-used.



- looks nice.

- great for decoration a halloween party.

- scare a few trick-a-treating newbies.

- wonderful chew toy for most Pkers.



- high cost for low purpose.

- one word describes them as of now.. useless (not to be harsh..but that literally is the word.)


Possible Improvements: Something to allow them to be used?

- take out the weapon requirements.

- lower the level requirements.. i mean fluffies got a lower level requirement then them lol..

- add effects. for example: give the summons a decent chance to respawn. then some might summon armies of the "undead" gobs/orcs to keep pkers busy or use in an invasion/instance to keep a high lvl monster busy while the rest of the team deals with the other monsters 1 by 1 and prevent getting cornered, gangbanged, and dead... cold effect/fire effect/magic effect damage might be nice too. But something to allow them to be used more often please as of now..the only summon worth anything during pk/instance/invasion is yetis/ACs..

- allow them to summon a high set number of creatures per summon (like the 3 fluffies per fluff summon, 8 ACs per AC summon, etc)

- allow these summon to have a % to "cut" thru MI..i mean we ARE summoning them with "weapons" :whistle: & increase the % for the higher a/d creatures.


(I believe the high summon lvl cost/weapon requirement was meant for the olden days of iron sets and titanium serp & majority of ppl being fairly lower leveled... summon is over-dued for a change. :P )


Summoning in total wars: Small bug?? possibly??


Advantages: none.



- Summoners dont take part in ttw.


Possible Improvements: I remember asking you about it once and you seemed surprised that it didnt work for ttw.. sooo we gonna change that radu? B) We summoners want to kill our guildies during guild planned ttw events too!


Heal Summon Spell: As of the moment only THE PERSON WHO SUMMONED THE CREATURE can "heal summon" it. I'm sure i speak for most Summoners when i say.. when we're Pking, Instancing, or keeping the EL world safe during Invasions, and we summon.. that takes up a huge smeg load of mana! So we usually cant "heal-summon" it.. or "heal-summon" effectively.


Advantages: none.



- Prevents lack of teamwork, a mage can only remote heal so much..therefore it isnt effective when u summon yetis/ACs during invasions/instances.

- Most monster die too fast and are not worth their cost.


Possible Improvements:

- allow members of the same guild to "heal summon"

- allow members of the same instance to "heal summon"

- allow allies to "heal summon"


okayy...now to introduce a new idea instead introducing ways to fix old summoning features...


Phoneix: Love the shapeshifting idea but why not allow us to Summon it but with lower effects? Since not alot of players are shapeshifting??


Note: 3 Phoneixs will be summoned at once.


Required materials: 1 EFE, 1 ELE, 3 Phoneix feathers

Required Nexuses: Animal 6

Recommended Summoning Level: 55

Summoning Experience Given: 4000

Mana Subtracted: 48


Possible effects: Fire damage (in AoE form, or per hit receive/given) , 40% to respawn (it IS a phoniex) or allow it to respawn twice before its dead. Same A/D as a MC possibly.


WELL: thats it. Lol, i guese all those time at the gypsum gives a person plenty of time to think.. hopefully i get some feedbacks on these ideas. and i dont intend for all of them to be considered by radu.. but some should perk his interest (i hope). :medieval:


-Tigre from GODz.


EDIT: had price of nexus wrong. :>

Edited by TigerClaw

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Excellent ideas! :) As an aspiring summoner who hopes one day to use summons in combat, I would love to see any of these implemented.

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Great post TC and i agree with what you have said.


As a summoner myself there are times I would of liked to go in to KF and summon but like TC said the cost of some of the summons are just too much for what you get, It would be just a waste of ings. (As they die in seconds).


Yes I have gone in to Kf and summoned A/C's but the cost of the ings just dont let you to do so too often. So being able to use the other summons Like orcs, armed skellys pola bears ect would also give us summoners more mobs to use against the PK'ers but also a chance for summoners to partake in the invasions and KF clashes.


And love the idea of the Phoneix but would have it as a % to respawn and not it WILL respawn twice

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TC - well thought out and logical suggestions.


Sadly summoning is a massively underused skill.


Levelling is *always* done with White Tiger Stones.

The fur is 75-80 per fur - which brings huge amounts of gc into the game, all going to the slayer of the tiger not to the summoner.

Swap the exp from WT and Spider stones around and adjust the NPC sale price.

That way all the GC goes to NPC in buying thread - removing massive amounts of it from the game. Summoners will then mix loads of spider stones instead of wt stones


As for actual summons - ACW are used in PK - as TC says - the others are very very rarely used. I use a few orc stones to kill ants, other use polar bears.


As for the Clops / Gob summons- I have not even read the books - there is absolutely no use for summoning them the ings are far too expensive.


And TC is spot on with the Tank rabbit - way way too much mana.


The one thing I would ask if for the ability to perform a real summon during a fight - maybe with a loss of a round of attack.

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Tank rabbits are rabbits in armor. Phantom warriors are known to be almost immune to physical attacks. The phantom warrior may actually have a higher combat level than the instance team members. The tank rabbit is guarantied to be the lowest combat level (it is a rabbit). That is why a phantom warrior will last longer than a tank rabbit in an instance. The tank rabbits are more of a target than the players which are more of a target than the phantom warrior. I know this because I used phantom warriors on a number of end bosses in instances and I have been the target (lowest combat level gets attacked) in a number of instances. Remote heal or heal summon on a phantom warrior is quite nice. Just don't let them fight alone.

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I like the perk idea and most of the others.


As someone who is slowly but surely trying to raise summoning its really hard. Imo its the hardest skill to level. You need to hunt animals, make srs/build mana, read books, make le's..... The first 9-10 levels are pretty easy, jsut summon rats in the boat andhave them kill the next summonables. But once you get so high it's expensive, time consuming and annoying. Before I was trying to build magic and would cast spells all the time with mana, now I summon anything I can.


And can we maybe raise the bear stone price (npc). They are the first profitable thing a summoner can make. And at this point I make for xp (well msot things I do anyway), but its a plain loss of gc. Bears are annoying to kill and there aren't alot of bear killers out there.


(Basically anything that makes summoning mroe accessible/useful I am for)

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Good suggestions, though I don't know if reducing mana cost is so necessary. I mean, summoner should have a lot of mana, it's magic, not a skill for a fighter with pro physique and coordination, and low will and vitality... But I haven't been to an instance so I might be wrong :P

One thing I would love changed is the cost of summoning most of the creatures. Like gobs, skellies and orcs - way to costly and so weak... or cyclops - 20k gc to summon one when i can summon 4x fluffy rabbits for the same price, stronger, and 12 instead of one :wacko: Or armed male orc - 2 formulas, one is summoning stone, ings ~400 gc and other instant summoning - costs 5k gc...

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I don't summon... but the ideas seem pretty fair :)

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How much mana is used is exclusively based on the summoning elvel and can't be changed. But I will modify a few things.


that's all i needed to hear :icon13:

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