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Best levl Guide lvl 5-130

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Make char. Harf/alch to 150 OA, take negs and get 48 coord/inst/will/reas (anything new, spend in vit). Go kill wolves till lvl 15, goblins till lvl 22, gargs till lvl 30. Also get lvl 49 mag.


Now, get lvl 80's friend and make him reset, let him lvl to 40 oa and take negs so max out will, and res phys. Pvp tillll you lvl 55 a/d


Make lvl 100's friend, make him reset, get lvl 40 oa, take negs, max out will, rest phys. pvp till you lvl 80 a/d.


Screw those losers or if you are nice buy them a rollback to before they reset.


Make new friend at lvl 120's, make him reset, same as before, pvp till lvl 110 a/d.


Get lvl 140's friend, reset, pvp till 130. Buy them rollbacks to before they reset.



If you suck at making friends, pay them with the insane amount of gold you should have after you got to 150 OA with harf/alch.



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Fro really? Oh dear, that leaves us with a nasty predicament, because I believe your theory might be wrong, and unless you show me cold hard facts, I'm afraid it won't account for much. Tell you what, go make two 130 chars, one with phys and one without, then give me the passwords to both so I can compare the two.


I reckon I'm being generous here, but giving you the benefit of the doubt. Gimme a shout when you done.


Let's play a little game:


I spy with my little eye, something that begins with T

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