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Daily Quests

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Just curious about what everyone thinks about them.


Eventualy there will be a server update and with it all the new quests being added. The client update is closer by the day as well.


Do you think the quests will affect in any way the PK Server?

# More people will come.

# Less people will come.

# A fun way to keep you off the usual grinding.

# Nothing will change.


To me, looks a funny way to get the alts out of the mines, setting specific places for mine fields LOL

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I love daily quests! It's fun, but i am not sure how it will affect the pk server :) I came back in EL 2 days ago, and I'll play only on pk serv, so for me - go, go daily quests! :))


greets B)

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People will logon to do those quests. If there are not too many variations for the tasks there will be more fighting going on! (As you can predict who will be going where)

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