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Woot happy times, eternal lands is fast approaching the ye olde age of 7.


In celebration of this great time we want to hear about your best/most memorable times travelling Draia.


So, we are opening a story contest.

We want you to write a story/poem/anything about your most memorable times in el, it could be a recounting of your first day, or maybe your first Kill, or any other great achievement maybe even a piece about how you met your guild. the world is your oyster.

As long as you follow the following rules.


1) Dont use this as an excuse to flame/badmouth/insult other players. Any such entry will be deleted and you will be banned from the competition.

2) Maximum of AROUND 2500 words (this isnt a stead fast rule you can go a few over if needed but we arnt looking for recountings of war and peace here peeps :))

3) Lets keep it clean and suitible for everyone to read :(

4) No use of chat logs or chat log quotes, this is a story etc about your best/most memorable el event.

5) have fun with it!


The contest will end on 14th feb 2010 so that gives you a few weeks to get your story done.


We will judge the best 3 stories once the event is closed and the winners will recieve a small prize.


Any questions can be posted here, or send me a forum pm and ill try and answer as best I can.


Well here we go

Good luck everyone and i am dying to hear about your best Eternal lands times.

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R we allowed to submit more then one story for your recent contest ? Or is it only one entry per player ? (:


Well the idea is its your Greatest el moment/event... hard to have more than one greatest moment, but yes you can enter more than one piece if you really cant decides on any one moment :)

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Some years ago (like 6, or maybe more) a lonely newbie callled Dipi just arrived to an strange island, none talks in his language and his English is very poor...

He start to move, no destination was marked, only a few people is around... "Oh!! a nice bunnie, I'll follow it" he though, but he realiced how difficult was coz' all those jumps.

His explorer sence woke up, maybe for curiosity or maybe for not knowing what to do. After a while Dipi logged off.


That situation was repeated on the next days, until Dipi met a very nice group of people, they invited him to their guild... it had many tags (HEAL, HOLY, EMBY, DIOS...) until it died.


After some weeks he couldn't log in for some days... some bad news started to appear, A SERVER CRASH!!! ALL DATA HAD LOSE!!!!



*The server is up again*


*Dipi doesn't exist*



Well that Dipi was me, now i'm Dipi, a new one. All we had to create new characters, it was a start over.

In that time i met two players who was complianing about the other players were abusing of macroing in harvest. Those players are Roja and Radu. I had to ask around who were they =P .


"Great!" I though..."Lets see what is this about :)" so i went for some flowers on Isla Prima.


...Dipi found a bag of gold. "Great!"


...Dipi just hit a teleport nexus and departed us! ... "Uhg? Where am I?"


*You were killed by PlayerA*


That was my lil story B) my first reminds of EL. The first time the events where introduced the tele nexus put you in Kilaran Field xD it was a massacre of harvesters :)




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Buried deep in Fort Garsin hoping for the best,

15 Players guarding me, killing all the rest.


UTi and *CO* refuse to let me die,

Knowing that the person killing me would claim the prize


Foolishly I thought that i was invincible to them,

Out of nowhere comes a player summoned 20 chims.


The guards assumed it was no problem I would feel no pain

Noone of ever noticed that he would TP to range.


Distracted by the creatures, my guards they sure did fight,

Unfortunately it ends there, I diddnt last the night.


The winner and the loser both meet up at beam.

Shaking friendly hands together, what a one man team.

Edited by jjk

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It was a hot night in August, everything looked like a normal Sunday night, but there was something in the air that was different that night. Something was about to happen. As quickly as he could Nardo, as that was the name above his head, hurried himself of the boat towards the tavern on Isla Prima. Strange, he thought, the normally busy harbor was empty now, could the rumors be true? He quickened his pace, yes the rumors he had heard became more and more persistent lately but what and when? With a sigh of relief he opened the door of the tavern, which was surprisingly quite busy. He glanced around the crowd and noticed some of his friends who waved him to come over. A warm smile to Reca was enough to order his favorite drink, which was in front of him before he knew it. “On the house tonight, you all gonna need it” she whispered in her usual husky voice. While taking a long sip he started to listen, the whole tavern was buzzing about it, some were scared, some full of anticipation. Then suddenly, almost dropping his drink, the door flew open with a loud bang, and a dwarf stumbled in, almost falling over his own feet…


August 17th 2003, the night the very first animals were introduced.

Edited by Nardo Lala

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“Lenny.” I heard Quesar mutter as he brushed by me.


“Where?” I asked, already equipping my halberd.


“South of storage.” he called over his shoulder.


I equipped my crown of life and hurried out of storage. With a quick restore I began to search the area where the psycho cat had been reported. He didn't take long to find. I spotted him meandering along the waters edge and quickly moved in.


My hali gleamed in the moonlight as it came down with the force only rushing adrenaline can provide, knocking 50 HP off the night loving tabby, who turned to face me for one blow of 20 before dissing and hurrying away.


“I had him.” I called out. “He went over the bridge. Now I can't see him.”


Seconds later, Quesar materialized from the darkness. “Get your night visor.” he scolded on his way by. I momentarily coveted the glowing pink thermy in his hand.


With an expletive that I am too polite to record here, I ran back to storage to retrieve my night visor. As I stepped back out into the moonlight I heard Quesar call out, “He dissed me on the bridge, he's on his way to Nar's Island.”


Taking off in that direction as fast as was allowed, I met up with Quesar as he was released from the dis ring's freezing effect. We fanned out and began to search South Redmoon's tiny sister island. I found Lenny again on the west side, trying to blend in with 2 other normal leopards. “Here kitty kitty.” I muttered under my breath.


“He's on the rocks.”, I called out as I engaged him again and again he dissed, this time without any damage to me. With the aid of the night visor I was able to see the coward beat a hasty retreat. As his tail disappeared I saw him drink a healing potion. As soon as I could move I went after him again, catching him just as he dissed from Quesar.


One swing of my trusty hali finished off his last 40 HP and Leonard (alpha) lay dead at my feet, by my hand, for the first time ever. “I got him!” I cried out in triumph as I opened the bag and took my share of the loot, then stepped off to let Quesar pick up the rest. “That was fun!”


“Good job!” The voice came from over my left shoulder and I turned from my screen to face my husband as he stood in the doorway to the office. When the report of Lenny had come in he had abandoned the broken down old 12 FPS laptop in favor of the faster more responsive desktop computer. Suddenly my smile turned into a grimace as I realized that today was a work day and while Quesar and Nova live in a make pretend world where no one has a set job to be at everyday, Rick and Kerri live in the real world and were both about to be late.


With a hug for Rick and a sigh for life, I grabbed my stuff and hurried out the door to a place where no one would understand the enormity of what had just occurred. That was OK though, not everyone is a gamer, nobody's perfect. After my RL battles were done I could always come back to EL where everyone just....knows.

Edited by Nova

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The Best of Times..and The Worst of Times.



It was a little over 6 years ago that I set foot on the newcomers island.

Little did I know, that it was the start of the best of times..and the worst of times.

I couldn’t imagine how my life was gonna look from that moment on.

All I knew was that I needed to learn how to open doors, how to eat and how to get that food. Being a vegetarian and all, it was harder for me then for most to catch a rabbit and roast its meat over the fire I learned to make.


But, I overcame my disgust and said a little prayer for the rabbit, as I watch its meat turn black.

Needles to say, I didn’t ate any meat after that. I’m still waiting for tofu to become available!

Well, after a few days I passed my exams and started my journey to the main island. A different World was opening its doors to me!

I was thrilled, excited and scared, all at the same time.

I explored a little, sat by the waters and walked the beautiful beaches of Isla prima and White Stone.

I knew time had come to decided what to do with my life here, but I just wanted to enjoy this new experience, and smell the roses as I passed them.

I soon noticed people here were generally kind and gentle, and it wasn’t much later I found my first friend here. He showed me things I never saw before, and educated me in many a way..

He took me in into his family, a well-respected bunch of great generous folks.

Now, as in any other life, emotions can cause trouble and sadness. Unfortunately that’s what happened to me as well as to my new found family.

It was again time to move on, start my own family. Life was much simpler then, I used to walk my doggies on the beach every morning, and danced with skellies around the campfire at night, it was a carefree time and I enjoyed every second of it.

And then the greatest thing of all happened to me, I finally found my destiny and he turned out much more then that; he was my hero, my friend my King and my soul mate.

I can’t recall I was ever happier. I remember walks in the moonlight, holding hands near the water in lakeside, always hoping dolphin would pop up. And I swear, there were times I could see them..if only in my dreams..


But as to all fairytales, this one ended as well. And unfortunately, it wasn’t a happy ending this time and I was more sad then I ever have been before.

All I can say is, that the creatures that came to populate our World later, would never be as vicious as the dragon that imprisoned my King.

As till this day, he is still in the claws of the beast, and there has been found no one with stats high enough to free him..and probably there will never be one.


The tears however dried up, and I took charge of my Eternal Life, once again. I looked back and realised what I survived already, loosing all inventory due to a crash, the Big Bang, where we lost everything we owned, including our names..and now this..and I knew nothing would get me down now. My family is small, but strong and loving and I am happy to say I have made a lot of friends along the way, and less enemies then I have fingers on one hand.


And today, as I sit at the campfire, I watch newcomers arrive, some agitated because things don’t go fast enough for them, and others who come sit with me and just talk. I smile and feel a deep warm gratitude inside of me. I sit up straight and feel proud to be here!


For I am JezeBelle, and I am part of the history and the future of this wonderful Eternal Lands!




citizen of Eternal Lands

Mistress of the Wiccans & Witches

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A Love to Die For



It must have been my fifth month here..

And I was madly in love with Mandos..a cute Brit (!!) from my guild. But another man wanted me too. desperately.

His name was Mel..and he lived in Naralik Cats..he was a bit..greenish..but word got around he was only that colour out of jealousy...

Now..Mandos couldnt live with the fact that another man was roaming this World. in search of me..and wanting me.So..he decided..it was time that he faced this other man and he prepared to go to Naralik.

Now in those days we did most travelling walking. since our stats weren’t that high we could tele..or use rings.

I was told about his planned heroic action. and I rushed over there to be there first to stop him from committing this senseless suicide. But as I arrived....Mandos got there too.

You have to understand, Mandos wasn’t that strong.*sighs* and he would never survived Mel.

But he went down. Although I pleaded and begged him not to go.

As he went down the Cats. I heard screaming..

Many of our friends had accompanied Mandos and me there and we stood there. above grounds.

And oh, they tried to stop me. but I had to go and see what was going on.

I went down. and saw Mel. on the floor. drawing his last breath.

Mandos looked up to me. tears in his eyes. and I never saw so much strength en love in a mans eyes as I did at that very moment.


I carried a rose with me..a rose Mandos once gave to me..and I never parted from it .

But now it felt like the right thing to do; I kneeled down and put the rose next to Mel..and kissed his dying lips..

And as I watched the life run from him.he smiled. and he died. knowing I had loved him, if even only for a second.


Now. if you ever visit the Naralik Catacombs, look closely. to the green men that walk there and perhaps you will see a glimpse of a green man. with a smile.and then you know.

its Mel!

Some claim to see him all the time, but I know he shows up only on a full moon..

Because that’s the night..Mandos proved his love for me and Mel died with my love on his lips.


This story is the living proof that true strength doesn’t lie in stats, or weapons, but in believing in yourself..remember that, the next time you think you did all you can to win any kind of battle!



Edited by Jezebelle

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Bah! I wasn't going to do it, I was going to stick to one entry.... but I've had so many good times!! So here's another entry, this one with a little rhyme scheme. No title here either. I barely ever title my st00f. Good luck to all the other entries and thanks to Thyralax for hosting these fun writing contests. (when's the next one? :medieval: )




In a land made Eternal, where the rules of death hold no sway

I once met a person of interest one fine pixel day


When one noob meets another, is how our saga starts

The two perched on a special bench, reading of harvesting arts


One quips to the other, “Your hand is on my knee”

And the other giggles, “I'm sorry, I did not see.”


“Your sword is in my lap, you know.”, I can't let him banter alone.

“I'm so sorry.” comes the reply, “it has a mind of it's own.”


Thats how I met my Clarky, a wired and honest friend

But like most Eternal friendships, this one seems to end


My buddy hit his levels hard and now he is burned out

Had he stayed he'd be 130s now, of this I have no doubt.


I'm quite sure it wouldn't help him much, not with his epic lag

Not to mention it's well known he can't PK his way through a paper bag.


So here's to drunken midnight convos, and PMs a bit risqué

Weird channel chat, misinformation, random passings through the day


To guild names that almost got you banned

Bot building, which on one could understand


To mana draining with a buddy

I could serp his chims if I used my cutty


Through many friends Eternal, this remains one of the best

A FUNKer, a POOPsicle, unlike all the rest.

Edited by Nova

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Ummm, well lets get this one finished with first lol




Great entries btw guys, love reading about your adventures good or bad here.


Never hurt to PLAN silly Thyra. hehehe

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This story starts 28.mortia year 0001,when a scout-ship found landscape called Seridia. There were many mystery creatures,that a group of adventurers never seen before.

They saw skelletons,orcs,ogres...One of them met also with a small white rabbit. It was nice small Fluffy bunny,so he wanted eat him,but that was demon.. That small bunny ate him *Relax in Peace* Few of them also met with cyclops,they treid poke him into eye ,but clop ate them... *poor men*


Right after 7 years,there came next scout-ship. I was one of Adventurers. I met there with few nice people. They saved my ass many-times. One of them has been called TooMass.

He learnt me things like do not meet with Vikings ( ^v^ ) ,or do not blitz gods. He accepted me into their tribe ( CA$H ) . I was happy, I was novice in skilled tribe.

I staied there,till TooMass disappeared. That day CA$H got broken. Between members on fallen CA$H started war.


Many of them swam over "Riven Sea" back to their home-town "Isla Prima" ,few of them joined to other tribes. One day,i don't remember what happend, I remember only things the boss Holar told me. They found me half-dead next to docks. They gave me first aid and offered me to join their tribe CZE. I didn't refuse. Thanks to them i stayed alive . This was my best moment ever,They became my new family.



Edited by KoDdy

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My Lord


“My Lord! We're surrounded! We can't win! They are too many of them!” shrieked one of the men from the lesser ranks.


Too often they irritated him with their spineless, disorderly panic. The prince responded with a discontent sigh, not letting such cowardice distract him. If only he had real soldiers, he thought, not the platoons he had scrapped together with local Idaloran farmhands, blacksmith's sons and one harvest's training.


“Please hear me, almighty Mortos! Spare me! I will refuse Aluwen and be forever in your service! Spare me! Please! Please! Let me live,” wailed the coward, clutching as his heart as if it was otherwise to fall forth onto the floor.


“Continue to utter such blasphemy and the monsters will be the least of your worries,” scolded Prince Tharrone, “pick up your crossbow before I throw you from the walls.”


The soldier stayed still; hand still wrenched upon his heart and his teary eyes fixated with the wet, wooden boards which they stood on. “Get up boy! Get up your gutless fool!” Prince Tharrone snatched the crossbow from the ground and struck him across his helm, “You think crying is going to make you any less doomed?” Again, Tharrone struck him with the crossbow, this time hard enough to draw blood from his cheek. The solider let out a squeal in pain, wailing like a new born babe.


Prince Tharrone loosened his grip on the crossbow, letting it fall free. He felt the rain cool his face and paused, breathing deeply. Extending a hand the solider, he lifted him to his feet. “It's ok,” Prince Tharrone reassured him, patting him on the back, “it's going to be--”. With a sudden jolt the prince forced him forward with all his strength, hurling the young man to the wall, then with a heave he threw him over the fortifications and watched on as his victim fell to the jaws of crazed beasts below. Two dragons fought for his body, the Ice Dragon claiming victory with a sudden snap.


The prince turned to see who had witnessed their friend's murder. Nobody. Feros had found a way onto the walls; their final stronghold. His ranks were crumbling, crushed so easily due to an unorthodox defence. “Fall back,” bellowed Tharrone, “Fall back!” To his command, they retreated, however, many fell needlessly due to turning their back to their opponent. The Feros numbers closed in, outnumbering them three to one. “Hold!” confirmed Tharrone. “Hold!” he watched them close in, unlike his men, Mortos' creatures truly were created for war. They stayed together, cautious and aware. Tharrone could find no weakness to attack. “Hold!” He felt his men edging backwards, leaving him exposed. What difference did it make? These men were not warriors. They were civilians. Who, in any other condition, would be the ones being protected.


“Charge!” he commanded. Running towards the Feros full pace. Striking down a first the a second. They surrounded him. Where were the others? He swung his rapier, collecting three more kills. With his shield he managed to knock over another. He spotted his army. Against the wall, they hadn't moved. Never before had he felt more alone. He battled on.


The scent of dead Feros attracted the hounds. Chimera bite at his greaves. Their cold claws ripping at his skin. He reached into his pack and used a stone. His own Chimera appeared to fight back. Constantly unsure whether he should first heal himself or his dogs, he neared death several times. This was as much of an army as he would have for this battle. Three dogs and a knight versus the wrath of a merciless god and his thousand minions.


Finally, he had cleared the walls. Casting Harm on the last Arctic Chimera. The way down into the city was blocked by a throng of Red Dragons. Ran back up the stairs, looking for the soldiers. Where were they? They had left the corner the once huddled in. They were nowhere to be seen! Perhaps the had found another way down? Tharrone continued to search the area. The Red Dragons were coming closer, he needed to find a way out! “Where are you? Anyone?” he yelled. No reply. “I'm surrounded! I can't win! They are too many of them!” The sickly guilty crawled up his spine, realising he repeated the words of the man he murdered. “Help!” he begged. He was running out of time, his Arctic Chimera leapt towards the dragons, sacrificing themselves for their master. They died quickly, though powerful, they are nothing to match the sabre teeth of a Red Dragon.


With no other option left, Tharrone threw himself over the fortifications. He clamped his eyes shut waiting for his life to end. Thud! He was still alive. Landing on the thicket beneath. He stayed low, hidden in the bushes. A Giant was so close to his hiding place, it's belly shielded him from the rain. He drank a potion of invisibility, the only thing remaining in his pack. But it was too late. He had been sighted.


She wasn't the makings of a warrior but she didn't seem to care. She ran at the Giant full pace. cutlass extended, she stabbed it in the toe moments before it's club came crashing down on her. She restored. Again, the club came down, making her one with the ground. Gaining her feet, she restored again and again! Rats spawned around her, distracting the Giant just long enough for her to bring her cutlass down, only to tear it's shoe open. The Giant stomped on her but she raised her sword, stabbing it's heel. The Giant fell, rendered helpless to a final blow to the chest.


Having trouble retrieving her cutlass from the Giant corpse, she turned to Tharrone, “Are you going to help me? Considering I saved your life.”


“...yes.” he said, finding himself otherwise incapable of speech. He removed the cutlass with a lot more ease than he was expecting, wiping it clean on the grass before passing it back.


“Zenial. In case you were wondering,” she winked, “but of course, I already know who you are, My Lord. T'was an honour to save your royal butt.”


This story is based on this screenie: http://img80.imageshack.us/img80/7413/invasionedittc4.jpg


Good times. :P

Edited by Zenial

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Contest is now closed.


The judges will try decide out of all of your entries are the best and come up with a trio of winners.


However id like to say All were fantastic pieces of work again, and we will deffinatly be doing more similar contests in the future :w00t:

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and The winners are.....


:Inserts a drum roll:


Winners were.

Nova... Who wins a MM removal stone

Tigerclaw.. Who wins a robe set

Zenial... Who wins a robe set.


Thank you to everyone who participated in this event.

And a special thank you to the Judges :)


Hope you all had fun with it.

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Yay! :( tyvm for the wonderful contest. It was very nice and gave me great joy while i wrote and read it :pickaxe: Hopefully you have more in the future :)



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:) congratulations to the winners, nice stories indeed, and thanks for contest :pickaxe:

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Great Competition!!!


Tigerclaw's The Rival was my flavourite. Big congrats to Nova too <3

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