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The Great Golem Hunt

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The Golem has escaped his master!

Will you be the one to take him down?


The Great Golem Hunt is an event for players of all levels, run on both Seridia and Irilion (lower levels might need MM cape or perk for some map).

The task is easy: our old friend the Golem has again escaped his masters from Tarsengaard's magic school. He is still very weak, and easily killed by even the most newbie character. But he is getting more and more cunning, and has learned from previous experiences that it is better to stay clear from players (especially those holding pitchforks and torches!).


Your goal

Find the Golem and kill him. Maps will be announced every time, and the Golem will roam freely of his own will. Every kill is 1 point, at the end of the contest the scoreboard will determine the winners. The Golem is so weak that even the weakest players should be able to kill him with no trouble; the contest is open to anyone.


The prizes

1st, 2nd, 3rd place gets to choose, in order, among: 1 Crown of Life (donated by SirPantalone), 1 Rostogol Stone (donated by Learner), 1 Steel Helm (donated by chr0nik), 1 Spear (donated by AttilaTheHun).

4th and 5th place gets to choose, in order, among: 1000 Health Essences (donated by Leaner), 7000 Gold Coins (donated by JerryKV), 2000 Silver Ore (donated by JerryKV)


The timing

Contest will start today (Saturday) at 7:30pm CET, in about two hours after this post; it will be around 0:00 in the 30th day in the month of Viasia, the year 0021, Age of the Eternals. A bad special day might cause the event to be postponed.



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... and after two hours of unceasing hunting, the Golem was submitted and led back in chains to the mages of the Tarsengaard Magic School!


Here is the scoreboard:

  1. Quesar with 8 kills, wins a Crown of Life
  2. extrapolation with 6 kills, wins a Spear
  3. Ozmondius with 5 kills, wins a Rostogol Stone
  4. Ceili with 2 kills, wins 1000 Health Essences
  5. koolguy3 with 2 kills, wins 7000 Gold Coins

Also, Stivy had 2 kills, but lost the tie-breaks to Ceili and Koolguy3.

Raytray, ryddler, secus, MattewF, Haci, AlpEren and chang each scored 1 kill.


A big thanks to the donors who provided prizes, and to all participants - hope you guy had fun! Feel free to post here comments, suggestions and new ideas, and stay tuned... the Golem will be smarter and stronger next time! :)

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Thansk for the contest, and thanks to the donators. Had fun while I played but couldn't play and do a few other more important things at the same time very well. :)

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