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ipod touch/phone

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post all the games and apps that other people should get.



I got dungeon hunter which is a nice game.


If anyone else has finished this game, i feel like the ending isn't big, am i missing something?



I also got pocket god (torture all the littler fellas) and F.A.S.T.

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I have lot of favorites, but unsure it would not be advertisement to post here :-)

So just from the free apps:

- FileAid is good for transferring and reading files (doc,xml,pdf,jpg,html and equivalents) on phone

- Rdp lite and VNC lite are good for remote login to Win or other OSes

- IntelliRemote good for remoting anything in windows

- MpoD and Simplify are good for remote use iTunes or Winamp or other players it supports (playing friends mp3 collection on your phone ;-))

- GMightyDocs good for google docs access (you can keep guild related stuff on it and share :D)


P.S. Still waiting for a chat-only version of EL client on iPhone ^^

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i like H.A.W.K.s instead of fast COD zombies icopter bebot facebook ebuddy skype google earth jumi mouce or air mouce. jumicam jumigamer idaft sims 3 taptap 3 and a tonne more xD

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