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SELLING: some stuffs in sto

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Selling everything in one big bulk

Starting price: 10k

Buy it now: 15k




634 red toadstools

300 coal

200 sulphur

470 sapps

250 gem sanders

5 damaged tit longs

1 iron battle hammer

1 iron sword

1 quarter staff

1 wooden staff

140 train arrows

600 bones

22 leather boots

45 aug pants

33 aug tops

143 leather helms

5 steel chains

4 steel sheilds

5 make rare/fail indi

13 harvest degrade indi

19 a/d indi

50 acc pots

50 eva pots

5 ts pots

2 manu pots

4 invis pots

179 rat tails

40 wolf fur

30 red snake shin

22 falcon feathers

11 feran horns

239 puma furs

50 fox furs

106 snow rabbit furs

17 creature food

4 mule glyphs

12 skele keys

24 silver rings

1 tit chain construction

2 tit axe construction

and some flowers..tiger lilies etc...


and BUYING: 12k silver ores

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