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Great Healing pots

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Im thinking about this for a long time since the Crown of Life was created.. I think the GH pots should restore 75-100 instead 50 only. It would be a nice touch of tactic in PK .. Think some ppl alrteady uses GH in fight (i use) but this pot is very rare and should just save u in a bad moment .. now with hits of 70 -120 from bronze swords 50 material points r really close to nothing..

And i sugest to remove the formula that uses binding stones both for EMPs and for GH .. no potioner uses it .. INstead let the emp like they r now and create a new formula for GH (tree mushrooms r almost useless for now so maybe 30 tree mush + 15 BRs + 10LEs would be nice ..).. well thats my sugestion .. ty feel fre to discuss about.

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There was a time when I changed the formula so you make more with 1 binding stone (forgot the number exactly). The the players were like: omfg, useless. So I removed it.

Anyway, good idea about increasing the healing, I upped it to 80.

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