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Xena's 2 Year EL anniversary

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To celebrate my 2 years of playing EL I am having a very simple contest:


I have hidden 3 hyperbags (with a minor item inside) somewhere in Draia.


Your job: figure out the location, get the bag, post location and bag contents here to receive a clue as to where I am hiding


Finding the bags entitles you to one of the 3 big prizes, each one specific to a location (only I know which prize is alotted to each location)


After 15 mins of contest time, I will post the same clues as to my whereabouts on channel 7, opening up the hide-and-seek portion to everyone (and you must bring me my beverage of choice in order to win).


My clues pertain to me and the skills I like to pursue in EL:


Bag 1 clue: You need to really get your hands dirty to harvest dung.


Bag 2 clue: A good meal is important for harvesting, a banquet is better - but they should've known where I'd prefer to sit.


Bag 3 clue: Harvesting dung is slow - it allows you lots of time for other activities - nothing I like more than to read a book in a nice, quiet place - like a courtyard. Found


1st prize: 10k dung


2nd prize: 5k dung


3rd prize: 2.5k dung


Hide-and-seek prize: 1 hydro bar


If you find one bag, you are not allowed to get another, I'd like to see multiple people win, so please don't be greedy and spoil it for others.


Happy hunting and hope to see you soon :pickaxe:




And I will host a newbie contest shortly after the conclusion of this event :pickaxe:

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You are in White Stone - Orvale Mountains [9,358]


now we know where to find xena when she's reading :pickaxe:


thanks for the ash, and the 5k dung it seems :pickaxe:

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Well, the contest will remain open-ended. Apparently no one will find the bags this day - but they will remain where they are - and a hint to potential treasure-hunters - I drink BEER. Also, the words of the clues may contain strong hints within the hints...



Hopefully people can come up with the bags :pickaxe:


And I will add 1 ELE per bag found, including Enly's already found :pickaxe:

Edited by XenaMT

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kk, bags removed - not that anyone was looking anyways :P

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