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THE Epic Sagas Of GameFreaker and GREAT friends

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The Begining of the End

=========== Chapter 3 =====================


"Sirs! Sirs! I have a urgent message for you" said a very tired and battered Messenger,

"What is it?” said Sir Billerkay; " a.a.Message for OrC sir!" said the messenger.

Looking very perplexed Gamefreaker said, " well calm down boy, from who is this message you carry"

" Its from the goddess Alluwen...It brings Urgent news thats all I know", Gasped the Messenger,

"Ok young man you have done very well,” said Bayt8 "you will be rewarded greatly for your dedication"


"Well open the lock on the scroll", said Spank2,

As the Men gathered around and read the scroll, they learn of an invasion that has Taken Over the jungle City Of WillowVine, and Will Soon...Move Through the Trade Town Of Emerald Valley.


"We must stop this,” said Spank

"Spank be calm, we know what we must do" said Game

"Yes We Will Meet In Idol ran.... Emerald Valley Border and Set Up camp there" said Billerkay.


The Orcs Gathered their Armor and Their Coveted Orc Slayers...still Filled with the Power that each billerkay, spank and game felt the day they ended the 100 year war...With the Final Thrust into the Orc.


Arriving on the Border of Idolan was a Very beautiful site.... All the Heroes and Heroines of Serida and Illrion All Gathered to fight for one common Good, the Protection of their Great World.

The Air Was very Murky as the Sun feel on the great camp of "All Races", The Bravest Of all Orchins and Dragonies were Haunted by the fear that this might be their last night in this great world...The Elves...Gracious and Proud Gathered Under a Murk wood Tree To Pray to the Goddess of Defense for praise. The Gnomes and Dwarves Banded together...in one last final Celebration that would be known as the Feast De Lu Praise (the Feast to give praise)...Humans in their Natural Nature, Were Sharpening Their blades to the Finest Point, Making sure not one inch of their armor went unpolished, Not a Speck of their blades rusted...Morale was high with the chants of "long live Eternal lands" echoed over the camp...but deep inside all knew this was going to be the battle of all ages.


"I feel Uneasy about this one for some reason bill" Said Game as Him and Billerkay sat under a Tree Polishing their armor and swords.

"The feeling was so strong last time when we rushed the castle"

"Yes game I know...I feel the same,” said Billerkay, with the night air chilling, spank walked up to the tree where bill and game were sitting

"Spank how goes Bay and Mak,” said Game

"Nervous but ready...They are very brave and Noble, you know this" said spank

"Yes spank I know, Its their first Battle I’ am nervous for them, but I must go now, I need to take a walk, be easy Brothers"

"Aye" said spank and Bill


The air was chili and the Atmosphere in the camp of "ALL RACES" was Dark and filled with Discontent....


"So we will set up station at Storage and Heal All Fellow Warriors,” said a familiar voice from the past that Game Hasn’t heard in a while


He approached the Tent to where the voice came from to see the letters "PoD" on the Tent.

"Hello" said Game nervously

"Who goes there? Wait I know that voice...GAME!!" said Lady Tessanna as She Jumped Out of the tent to trample the un-suspecting Elf

"Oh my Goddess Of Defense, Game I haven’t seen you since you departed the Guild How be thee" says Tess as she Picks Herself Off of game.

"Tess I have missed you. I overheard your Plan to station at the storage and heal...Are the fellow Podders in?" said game

"Yes of course, Ikaris is supplying the Health Essences and Dmz has made a Horde of Srs" "also Splodgy1 has been Practicing her magic and Angel_mother is getting better as well"

"Good to hear all is Prosperous in Guild Tess" said Game

"Ya it is, how do you feel about the War?" said Tess

"Scared...I have this unknown fear in my Heart but I cant identify it, I have Had Dreams about it" said Game

"Oh no not again...this happened Right Before you Left the Guild...." said Tess

"Yes I know...I.I cant explain it, just a deep murky feeling in my Soul.... But it is time...I must go now be safe Tess please"

"I will Game, as do you.goodbye"


The Sun rose to the Battle Cries of the warriors of the World Stationed and Ready for whatever may try to invade their Great Lands. That sight was one of Pure Beauty as All Races. Regardless of background, hatred for one another.... or Malicious acts in the past...Gathered and Cheered together.


"Listen all!!!" said the Great Entropy

"Warriors Of The World, We stand here in the midst of the battle to End ALL!"


"Will you stand here and fight.... FOR THESE LANDS"


"YESSSSSS!!!!!!!" said the warriors with a scream that could have been heard in the lands of Isle Prima


The Great Force Of All races were split up into two great Armies.... One Headed To Palon Vertas to disrupt any Coming Invasions from Kusumara Jungle...and one set to the Lands Of Emerald Valley To dispose the Wretched Arriving Forces Of Evil.


"Orcs Gather" Yelled Game

"Us 5 are under the pact of the Orc"

"We serve all and Protect the innocent" said game

"We May not be the largest of Guilds, but our courage and Heart Will Take Us Far"



Walking into Emerald valley was Dark and Disgusting

"Ill light the way" said Billerkay as he pulled out an Enriched Fire Essence and Lighted Our Way

"I can hear them,” said Spank

"Yes I Hear them...I feel Ready" said Bay

"I to...My blade is...Reeling for the Taste for Evil blood" Said Makromann


"Men Be On Alert...I sense Evil"...Said Billerkay

"Yes right away,” said Mak


The Men walked on valiantly through the darkness...Enriched Fire Lighting their way

Just then the darkness gave way.... to a Battalion of Thousands of Monsters


Goblins in front followed by gargs of all sizes and Female Goblins and so on

The monsters...Fearless...red lit eyes...Charged Toward the Warriors of the World.

"Mak! Catch a BR,” said Billerkay as He through One to Mak only to be intercepted in the Air by a Imp...

"Ill get him,” said bay as he leaped off a Rock to strike the Imp in air with his Titanium Short Sword...Slicing It in half Instantly

"IAM GETTING LOW" said Mak in despair

"Remote heal,” yelled spank and Tess at the same time as they Fully healed all of Mak's Injuries

"Whew Close One Guys....Noo My Fur Gloves Broke" said Mak

"Guys this is only the first Wave Be Patient" said Game

"This is EASY...I killed these when I was young" said spank


"Spank watch out!!" said Game as he Tackled Spank right as a boulder of a club came slamming into the ground where spank was

"Thanks Brother" said spank "that was a close one"


"HARM" yelled DMz from the background taking out a troll in one spell

"You have Progressed Dmz,” said Bill as he takes a Invisibility Potion


Invisible...Bill Sneaks up behind a troll and Stabs it in the back and then jumps to another just as his Invisibility wears off he Stab’s the Troll in the Neck

"As I have in potioning,” said Billerkay


The field was full of Dead bodies, most trolls and imps and Gobs but a few unfortunate warriors lay among the Filth.


"The worst is yet to come,” said Tess as she walked up to tend to a Cut on games eye

"Yes I know Tess...thanks...its going to get worse any minute.... alot worse" said Game


"Where’s Bay and Mak" yelled Bill

Just then a Troll jumped up from his fake death to Attack Billerkay

When Bay came running from behind and Jumped and Thrust All his Might Behind his sword to DRIVE it deep into the Trolls Back.... then Mak came Running with his trusty Titanium long sword and with One Fell Swoop He Swiped the Troll across the Legs...Dispelling its Legs from under him....


"Thanks guys you have done well this war,” said bill

"But its not over...heed not your victory because we are Not done"


"Thanks tess" game said as she patched up the Rest of his eye just in time to see the sight that would Strike Fear in the Hearts of them all


A war ready battalion of Cyclops Followed by the Fluffy rabbits and Artic chimerans.... in the back...was him...the Mirror of all evil...Mortos.


"PREPARE FOR BATTLE" yelled spank lancing his orc slayer.



"Spank take Mak and bay and GO to the Orcs,” said Game

"Yes sir" said spank "come BAY and Mak"


"Bill this is going to be very difficult" said game

"That I know brother,” said Bill

"Tess please gets back behind the Reinforcements"

"Yes game please be careful"


The Two rushes towards the Fluffy rabbits as the Cyclops Fall behind.... with 2 restores a fluffy feel a victim to Games Blade

"BILL" said game, as he sees Billerkay faced with 2 artic chimerans."I SUMMON YETIS" yells a voice from the background

As spleenfeeder summons two vicious Yetis that Easily dispel the artic chimerans

"Bill are you ok,"said game

"Yes mate just a bit scratched up"

"TESS!" yells Game, as lady tessanna teleports over to him


"Please take bill and heal him,” said game

"Yes ok right away,” said Tess as she grabs Billerkay and Teleports

"Be well brother I will be back" said Billerkay


As the Yetis Spleenfeeder summoned are quickly Destroyed we see the Opposing force of giants Overcome the Warriors in the Front killing the Cyclops

"Be prepared warriors,” said the Great Lady Anntira


The Giants were a massive force to be Fought...about 200feet high and Armed to the Teeth in Hammers that weighed about 100 Pounds they were Monsters Of massive Proportion with Evil and Death in their Eyes


"Attack" yelled Game as he Rushed at a giant and dodged a massive hammer smash to the ground.... ran up the Giants arm and Thrusted his Blade into the Eyes of the monster." He's blind now" said Game then He Thrusted His Blade into the Neck of the Monster and Brought It Around In a Vicious Swirl that Sent Game Off the Back."I GOT IT,” yelled Kreamz as he Ran Up the Arm and Chopped off the Head with a Swipe from his Saber.


Game Lay Flat on his back...Taken Back by the impact of him hitting the Ground from the Height of 200 feet off the Giant

Looking Up he saw a Giant Brining down His Club to Strike Him it was TO late to move....


"NOOOOO!!!" yelled Billerkay as He Jumped In the Way of the Club with his Titanium Shield blocking the blast...rattling. And cracking.


Just then as Bill stood Standing Over Game helpless with his shield holding them from certain destruction...Bay, Mak and Spank made their appreance from the Mountains


Seeing what was happening Bay Jumped at the ankles of the beast as well as Mak the Knees

"Get up GAME!" yelled Bill "I cant hold it much more longer"


"Game! Launch Me," yelled spank as he ran full speed at Gamefreaker Regaining His Balance and Body Control

"NOW!" yelled spank as he grabbed games hands as game rolled and Tossed Spank towards the Monsters Heart

Spank in the Air Pulled His Slayer...Covered in orc blood...and DROVE it right into the Heart of the monster

It feels immediately.


"Only One Left.... and thats Mortos" said game



The forces were in high morale and the war was almost over

"charge!" yelled Acelon fresh out of killing a Fluffy rabbit "take his head"


The forces of "all races" rushed towards the Attack God Mortos who swiped his thermal serpent sword in many Quick Strikes


"AHHHHH" yelled a voice that sounded different from all that were fighting


"Its tess" yelled Game "NOOOOO!!!"


Tessanna ran with all her might and magic towards the god Mortos...she casted a powerful harm spell towards him only to be reflected back to her knocking her on her back


Tess opened her Eyes only to see the Blade of a Thermal Serpent Coming down like thunder to steal her life away

"NOOO not today" yelled game as he Jumped in front of the strike, breaking his shield instantly,and shattering his armor


"I got her" yelled Billerkay as he teleported in and got her then teleported out


"NOOO GAME!!!!" cried tessanna


"Arghhhhh" yelled GAME as a puff of fire and smoke blasted at the forces and blinded them.


When the smoke cleared, Game and Mortos were gone, the Only Remains were a Broken Steel Shield.

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Before I even read this.. please fix your capitalization and punctuation. It's atrocious :doze:

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Lol thanks, It Did have A few Corrections lol

I might have left some Bear with me lol

The Next one will be College Status tho lol

keep reading guys. =]


Keep an Eye out for Players In the Stories.

Edited by gamefreaker

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chapter 4~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

~ Learning The Truth.~


“Whoa, Whoa, Whoa Ah! where Am I? “, said GameFreaker, “ AM I on Isle Prima? “


The Elf Lies At the Camp Site In Front Of Prattler, In Shattered Armor, Feeling Weak,

“ how could this be? , I Don’t know what’s going on, but I know I need to get to a Storage”

Gamefreaker Still Weak and Wobbly , Begins to walk around IP towards the White Stone Boat, “ what? I Have Never Seen that Color Armor Before, Red Dragon Scales It Looks Like” said Game, “ yes, My Guild Mate Has The Ice Dragon Armor and Also the Black Dragon ” said a Friendly Warrior, Happy To Make A Little Conversation After A Long Training Session, As Game Sits Down, “wow I’ve never Seen That, About How Long to Make “, “ well I first Saw It About 2 years Ago” said the Warrior, “ 2 years ago, what?” said Game, “ I really need to make It to storage, Be well Friend”

“ Same to you “ said the Warrior “ take this”, with a quick burst of light all of Game’s wounds were healed. “ Thanks Friend”, said Game.

“How could it have been 2 years” said Game To himself as he boarded the boat to White Stone. “ I Love how fast these boats are” Laughed game to himself, upon arrival in Whitestone, “ Hey What up Gossip”, said Game, “ not much Game, welcome back, didn’t quite know where you were, people were asking about you, a lot ”. “Anyways Game take It easy and welcome back =P “ said Gossip, “ Can you tell me where some people are?” said Game, “of course, who do you want me to find”, said gossip, “how about Billerkay, “. “Ill ask around and ill come you, where will you be?”, said Gossip, ready to sprint off the Tavern, “ Nordrcarn Storage”, said Game.

“Everythings changed, I need to go to Nc sto and get my armor off and grab my cape”, said Game,

“Awsome just a few more potions and Iam done with the quest for Hagatha,” said and faint familiar voice, “ Tess, TessAnna Is that you?” said Game and He ran toward the voice, “ Who that Mortos, What GAME!!!” said Tessanna , “Tess , geeze , its good to see you! , how long was I gone? ”, Said Game, “ Game, what, we all stopped looking for you, after the smoke cleared, you and Mortos were Gone, and we Looked Game, we DID!! And we couldn’t find a trace, only your shield, you know its been about 2 years,” said Tessanna, “ I know Tess I figured It was about 2 years, I wasn’t around to see the dragon armor, about 2 years ago, the only thing I saw was the Bronze which I want =P, Where is everyone from my guild where is Spank2, where Is Bayt8 where Is Miss_Nomer, Grue_Hunter, Makromann!!” said Game, “ Calm down Game Its Fine, As far as I know after you disappeared Spank kinda went crazy, Did some bad stuff” said Tess, “ Oh No OrC.., I have to go now, I need to check my sto looks like I have to do some work.” “ Bayt8 went on and became a nice member of Society and a Very Rich Player at that, and I haven’t seen Grue Or Mak for a long time,” said Lady Tessanna, “ Wow, So much Has Changed, and I have a feeling I need to check my storage, I need to go Be well Tess”, said Game, “ ok Game, and Bigkav, Strong, great ally”, said Tess, “ I know knew it was going to happen lol, bye Tess”, said Game. “wow this is a lot to take in”, he thought to himself, “ NC, sto Here I come” said Game As He headed toward the Boat to Valley Of the Dwarves,…

“ wow this place has changed, Alot” said Gamefreaker the Gallant, at the Sight Of Votd Courtyard Storage, “ Just Like yesterday, well umm.. 2 years ago yesterday, NVM” said Game As he started laughing, “ Who wants Rings? Gold rings, Emerald Valley Rings, only the Best”, said a voice that game knew, “ no way, Miss_nomer!,” said Game “ what who’s that, Game? What oh my Goddess of Defense, I’m so so so Happy to see you” said Miss, “ Wow it seems 2 years can do something, you’re a crafting Artist now”, said Game, “ wow I know I Progressed fast, ive missed u terribly, u know i had to leave, no one was left, game we need to talk,but I need to sell this stuff at the auction, so ill meet back up with you in Nc storage” said miss, “ ok that sounds good to me, I’ll see you later” said Game, “ bye” said Miss,

Game begin walking toward The Norcarn Borders, In no time he was on his way toward the storage, passing by bots, it all kinda seemed normal, then in a matter of seconds the land felt uneasy, time seemed to slow, almost to a stop and from the distance approached what Looks like a cheetah, In a matter of a few seconds the Cheetah came Into view, it stood strong, Dominate, with a Firm stance, the Cheetah Presented his battle stance to Game, “ I can’t believe I was in Votd and I didn’t grab my orc slayer” , Said Game. In what Seemed to be a Instance, Fighters Appeared, and took stance in front of the unprepared Elf, TeeHee The Slayer, Molime the Enact, bow shining in the Sun, taking stance in front of the Alpha Cheetah, “ a/d Indicator” said Teehee, “ The Monster is strong” said molime, as she took stance and fired the first ice arrow, followed by a ferocious harm spell, that nearly sent the alpha off his feet but he regained his posture in no time at all, “ It scares me how it recovers so fast” said molime, “ then we cant let it Recover!” said Teehee as he ran after the cheetah lunging into the monster with a vicious attack, followed by a barrage of arrows from molime, in no time, it seemed teehee had his knife out skinning the cheetah, “ another lenny fur! =] “ said teehee. “ Hey guys, good looking out”, game said, “ no problem friend”, said the two, “ It was Great experience XD “

“ I guess things really have changed”, game said to himself, “ aww Finally a very familiar Place, Nc sto” Hey GAME!!!” said Gossip running up to catch Gamefreaker The Gallant before he reached the entrance, “ You will never guess what??”

said gossip, “what what tell me already gossip” said game, “ its Billerkay, last that was heard from him, he disappeared, no ones seen him in about a year” said gossip

“ wow, it really is, only me.”………….. “thanks gossip be well I must go”, said Game, “your welcome Game, Cya =P”

“No ones seen Bill, who knows were spank is, im the only one… I need to get to work”, said GameFreaker as he walking into Nordcarn storage, mind set on a new beginning.

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