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Alright my last thread was CHAOTIC. and the workers didn't exactly finish orders as I had anticipated.


machevort 3k Water, 1k Steel Fixed to meet max

Ermabwed 4k Energy

Ezmeralda 1k Steel, 1k Silver

Connallx 1k Steel

Fedorn 4k Matter

indus 1k Steel Finished PM Rajun

Kornholio 1k SteelFinished PM rajun

dmi 1k Silver

qiu 4k Matter

madz 2k Energy

flexus 3k Air Rajun is working on this now. As he had ingrediants for this

Lotheneil 4k Water

Vrumfondel 4k Matter

extrapolation 3k Matter

The rest will be done via amount of ess/bars you ordered. however, when you re-order you must follow guidlines below

-- Orders that will be started after above are finished --

Molime 2k Energy Essence


Teh following orders will be finished as soon as possible. My deepest appologies for people who've been waiting for an extremely large amount of time.


Now. I will be updating the first post FREQUENTLY for changes in price and order completion. I'm going to try to make this shop a bit more organized than previous thread.


New Rules

From Now on, there will be NO multiple batches. You may NOT order more than the max.

- From now on, you may ONLY order 1 item. No longer will there be 2k EnE 4k matters etc. That gets hectic and annoying to me and any other mixers I know.

- After the above orders are finished. It is first come first serve basis. I do not want any more "where the hell is my order i ordered a few hours ago" pms. I will ban you from shop use if I get one.



Workers List Will be updated as more workers start/quit etc.

AfterShock [me]






Health Essence - 7.5gc Per

Life Essence - 5.5 gc Per

Matter Essence - 8 gc per

Spirit Essence - 9 Gold coin per Special max of 500 Also, note the price is high, due to the ridiculously expensive material for 1 essence.

Water Essence - 6.5 GC per

Earth Essence - 7 GC per

Energy Essence - 7.5 GC per

Fire Essence - 3.8 GC per Special max of 1k

Air Essence - 8 gc per [Due to some discussion with workers we came to this conclusion due to your hikes]

Death Essence - 8.5 GC per Special max of 750 Also due to pricing, and the fact that mercury is hard to come by.

Magic Essence - 7.5 [Price is due to LARGE food costs]

Matter Conglomerate - 800 GC per Special max of 20


Note that the Maxes for all essences are and will remain 2k. Unless otherwise stated



Steel Bars - 51 GC per

Iron Bars - 40 GC per

Gold Bars - 52 GC per

Silver Bar - 37.5 Gc per

Titanium Bar - 54 GC per


Note that the Maxes of all Bars are and will remain 1k. Unless otherwise stated


Mixable With trade of Ingrediants + 1kgc

Hydrogenium Bar

Wolfram Bar

Tin Bar

Copper Bar

Dvarium Bar

Seridium Bar

Bronze Bar


I AfterShock will probably be the only one who can do the above services. I will of course replace failures.


No Flame on this Thread

All Rights ReservedTM



AfterShock - Owner

Edited by forever

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Ill take 1k matter essences 8kgcs on Error ;p

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Order when ever, but it wont' be gotten to, until aboves are done.

Then for whenever you'll get to it, I'd like another 2k energy ess, 15kgc total :)

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...finished Fedorn's order. :)


Edit #1

[PM from Gossip: fedorn was last logged on about 12 days ago. ]

please try to contact me asap - if you dont, i will give your order to someone else waiting for matterEss... :pickaxe:

(and redo your order when you are back if you like... :P )


Edit #2

[PM from Gossip: fedorn was last logged on about 14 days ago. ]

sry, but i decided to give your order to the next one in the list. :cry:

feel free to PM me, i will ofc redo your order anytime if you like :)



Another 1k Silver Bars please (38kgc) whenever possible :)

i am working on this now...

Edited by Swifta

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4k matter ess
finished thoose :P


2k Energy Essence
this is done :P


4k Matter Essences
also done :)


Cancel my order please, it's taking way to long...
hurts to hear that, but i can understand well :blush:


3k matter essence pls
this will be next...

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