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Guruzz's All Rounder Plan

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I have come here before you's all to take the lead of lots! :P

Here's what I'm gonna do;





Blue star flower-daffodiles;

0.5gc each 2.5gcK (max)

Mugwort-Red Currant;

1gc each 1.5gcK (max)

Blueberry-tree mushroom;

1.5gc each 500gc (max)

Minerals and Crystals



2gc each 1.5gcK (max)


2gc each 1.5gck (max)

All quartz;

1.5gc each 1K (max)

Metal Ores


Iron ore;

3gc each 1K (max)

Silver ore;

2gc each 800 (max)

Other harvestable items



0.2 each 5gcK (max)



fire essence;

3.5 each 1gcK (max)

earth essence;

8gc each 0.6gcK (max)

energy essence;

8gc each 0.6gcK (max)

life essence;

4.5gc each 0.7gcK (max)




by the way, 1 order per person,if you want more,place another order.


gc of course :icon13:

and anything that has equal or higher value than the product I've sold.



As I get more experience in EL, i will be able to add more stuff on here.

e.g bars,clothing,tailoring,potions,engeneering,weapons and shields.



I will be doing orders in the order they are given to me,so I will do your order as soon as I finish other peoples.

Orders apply only on my page. :icon13:


Also looking for a partner; anyone interested contact guruzz ingame :)





I have closed down so farewell!!!

Edited by guruz

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1k normal quartz and 1k iron please :doze:


sorry i couldnt finish it :(


1k energy essences, 8k gc, in game same as on forums. Thanks :)


Done :(


1k iron ore - 3kgc



thank you :)


Sorry I couldn't do it :(

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if anyone who has not recieved an order reply plz email me on the forum with their list of wat they want and i'll get right back to you :inquisitive:

Thank you


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