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Another 100kgc Treasure Hunt

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The next treasure hunt has begun!!. Somewhere a hyperbag has been dropped containing 100,000 gold coins. A map was drawn showing the location of this treasure and split into 16 pieces. Most of these pieces have been given out to various players in EL. The list of players is posted below. If you find any of these players while they're online then just ask and they'll show you their piece of the map. You must ask them in local chat or they won't answer you. Once you think you know where the treasure is hidden, grab some skeleton keys and start digging.


Some of the pieces haven't been given out to any players. Once every day I will post one of the extra map pieces in this thread so check back each day to receive a free piece of the map.


Whoever finds the treasure must immediately reply here saying that you've discovered the treasure. This way people won't waste skeleton keys on a prize that has already been found. That also means you should probably check this post before you start using any skeleton keys when you get to the location. Failure to post if you find the prize will result in being prevented in participating in the next treasure hunt and possibly other future contests of mine.


If you ask someone to show you the map and they are AFK then you will be PMed (or sent a gossip message) when they get back to the computer so be patient if you don't get an answer from an AFK player with a map piece. The people with map pieces will just be going about their normal routine and sometimes that means walking away from their computer while in-game so don't get upset if you don't get an immediate reply.


You don't need to have to whole map to look for the treasure. If you think you know where it is with the pieces you have collected then go for it!


Guilds and groups forming teams will probably have the best chance for finding the treasure but that also means splitting the prize and getting less gold so it's up to you if you want to go after the treasure as a group or as an individual.


I expect it may take a few days before anyone has enough pieces to find the treasure so even if you're late getting this announcement, it probably isn't too late to join in and start searching.


Here is the list of people carrying pieces of the map....















and here is your first free piece of the map....




Good luck everyone!

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Oh!!!!!! Look at this!


Organizing my storage and I found this old crumpled piece of paper that looks like part of above mentioned treasure map.


Find me and I'll let you see for yourself.



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Congratz Jaclaw. You are a true inspiration to treasure hunters everywhere!


I have plans for many more hunts with different themes and strategies for finding the treasures. Keep watching these forums for information!


Anyone who is interested in sponsoring a treasure hunt by donating a prize (min value 10kgc) contact me via forum PM or ingame.



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Nice contest(s) hope there'll be more :icon13: For completeness sake who else carried pieces of the map and what would it look like if it was complete?

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