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Looking for ingame roleplayers

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Hello all,


I've tried this a couple of times in the past, but it's hard to do without anyone to do it with. Are there any people ingame who ARE their ingame character? I'm looking for people who respond to things in EL as their character, not as someone controlling a character. Just ingame names will do, I don't need a personality description. We can get to know each other by talking to each other. I brief physical description would be kind of nice, just a little extra that the game graphics don't allow: scars, weight, height, typical facial expression, condition of clothing, etc.


Jayim_Duinara. A sandy haired elf who is very skinny (looks like he doesn't eat enough), of average height, and keeps himself clean and orderly (although he might be covered in dust if he just came from mining something). He tends to have a serious expression on his face, but smiles quickly when spoken to.


If anyone else plays their character as their character, I'd really appreciate it if you would let me know your characters name so we can get to know each other ingame.



The_Saxman (Jayim_Duinara)

Member of TAG

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I actually tried making a RP guild a while back.....sorta fell through...... :confused:


I'd be delighted to do some ingame roleplaying.


Aledezar, elf male. Average height (for an elf :) ) and rather nimble. Swift, but powerful, though not anything close to a body-builder. Has a stern expression, mostly, but his facial dimples are indicative of a carefree youth.

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I am Grud.

I was born in a village just outside Zakil Wood, across the Great Sea.

My village was terrorised by a Pyral who stole the sacred Ruby ,a Stone worshipped by the villagers.

The Pyral held our village to ransom and demanded a yearly sacrifice.

From the moment I could walk I vowed to defeat the Pyral and return the Ruby to its rightful place in the Zakil Monument.

When I was strong in spirit and magic I crossed the Wood River and negotiated The Path of Eternal Sleep to confront the pyral on the Ravine Bridge outside the Star Cave,I used my Magic Vial to defeat the Pyral and recover the Star Key to unlock the secret of the Floating Plinth and recovered the Sacred Ruby.

I returned to my village a hero...........BUT

The Pyral had monstrous friends in Zakil Wood who vowed to avenge his death

I had to escape and go to a foreign land to survive.

I have been a resident of Eternal Lands for 2yrs,but I still fear for my life.

Occasionally a Monstrous friend of the Pyral (usually an ogre) recognises me and attacks, so far I have survived these attacks.

I miss my home and my family but my Guild friends are my family now.


I know I will never go home



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I am JezeBelle, a semi-wicked elf with a tender heart but a somewhat develish tongue....

My home is where my heart is, but originaly I came from the third star, left of the Moon.

My first and priority job in this World is to heal; heart, body and soul, of both myself and others. Secondary i am to spread love, which is not always received well, as there are many closed hearts and narrow minded folks in this World.


Been here now for almost 5 years, and it's like my home away from home. I cannot say i succeeded in my mission yet, so I'll stick around for a while..


blessed be,



proud mistress of the W&W family

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IAm Heinrich the old one ,i come from the mountians of dragons peek and seeking for help my village is under attack,by orc killing our people but,we struggle to surviv few people is left so send help






From Heinrich The old one

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My home used to be the high trees of the forest, that once stretched from White Stone City all the way to the harbor and is now known as Tirnwood in the common tongue. A wood elf I be - still young by the standards of my kin - striving for perfect aim with my trusted bow to drive out evil from any Draian forest (or the fort in Iscalrith for that matter :whistle: ). May Aluwen let the wind guide my arrows to where she wants to place them :bow_arrow: !





(does that answer your question, Toltha? :happy: )

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