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Ode to Picky

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Ode To Picky

By Labrat


You came to me one day in a trade,

And told me how your old master played.

Your friendly smile, your winning laugh;

Kept me going when I needed a bath.


You held my hand while I dug for ore;

With your friend, excy, you found me lots more.

You made my fortune grow at a phenomemal rate;

More GC than I could use was on my plate.


One day as I mined, I forgot to take care,

And you broke on me; no hope for repair.

I cried and I wept feeling my loss,

When suddenly a messge appeared from my boss.


"Check your inventory, you may have a spare,"

The instructions I followed and I found you there.

Sparkly and gleaming, completely brand new;

My pickaxe was safe, I had a new you!


No pick could ever replace you in my heart,

But alas as time goes on I need to start.

Your fellow pick is balanced very well,

When I hit the silver ore it rings like a bell.


So, Picky, as I write these words thinking of you,

I know we'll see each other again, our love is true.

In the meantime, I'll have fun with another,

It may be your sister, your cousin or even your mother!

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